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126 Fully Remote Companies Hiring in 2022

Fully remote companies have committed to permanent remote work and do not or no longer have physical offices.

Jordan HughesJH

Jordan Hughes

126 Fully Remote Companies Hiring in 2022

This fully remote company database was originally published on November 03, 2021, and was last updated on April 13, 2022. If you notice a company missing from this page, please let us know via [email protected]!

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The nature of work has shifted significantly in the last few years — from traditional office structures where every employee commutes to a physical office for eight hours a day, to the new gig economy and the deconstruction of what the “workplace” means. This has been playing out for decades and has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic at a rate no one could have predicted.

75% of the American workforce had never worked from home before lockdowns began in March 2020. Today, more than 70% of companies are planning on permanently allowing remote work according to studies by Mercer and Gallup.

It's pretty clear now that remote work has won the decade and has benefits for both employees and employers. Whether business leaders want to or not, the transition to remote work is inevitable — 97.6% of remote workers would like to continue to work remotely, at least some of the time, indefinitely.

Companies that do not adopt at least a hybrid work model are already placing themselves at a severe disadvantage when it comes to recruiting global talent and retaining employees. The overwhelming preference for flexible hours is pretty clear and many remote companies are even starting to offer flexible 4-day work weeks. Most job seekers simply don't want to work any other way:

"I believe we’re nearing a sea change in how we work. It’s easy to point to stratospheric rent prices in major urban centers, soul-crushing gridlock, and shifting mindsets in what society values in a career as reasons for turning to remote work."

— Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab from his post Why we believe all-remote is for everyone

It's becoming clearer every day that remote work actually increases output and productivity — arguably the most common myth and hurdle for employers looking to switch to permanent remote work.

It's never been easier to find a remote job or attract remote employees, which is a win-win scenario for employers and employees. The only question that remains for employers is whether to embrace a hybrid model or a fully remote model.

Hybrid companies

A hybrid work model is a "remote-friendly" approach that allows for both remote work and in-office work. Many large companies are predicted to adopt a hybrid model as remote work becomes the new normal. Early on in the pandemic, Jack Dorsey announced that current employees at Twitter and Square have switched to permanent remote work. Atlassian followed a remote work model before COVID and announced a new policy where employees can work remotely indefinitely to “create the future of work by living it”. Some of the largest employers in the world have coalesced around a hybrid company model, including Spotify, Salesforce, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.

GitLab’s CEO, Sid Sijbrandij, has been vocal on the hybrid work model, referring to this approach as the “worst of both worlds” and "creates two fundamentally different employee experiences to manage."

Learn more about the remote-friendly model here.

125 fully remote companies

Fully remote companies, as the name suggests, have committed to permanent remote work and do not or no longer have physical offices. Fully remote companies are usually spread across the globe and are unrestricted by time zones, state, or country.

It's important to note that companies label their remote culture in different ways. For example, Brian Armstrong announced that Coinbase will be embracing a "remote first" culture, Dropbox announced that they’re going "virtual first", and Tobi Lütke recently announced a shift to remote-first by labeling Shopify as "digital by default". These three companies are examples of teams that are in the process of transitioning to permanent remote work, but still have offices around the world.

While Coinbase, Dropbox, and Spotify are certainly remote-first, we're considering them as hybrid remote companies for the purpose of this article and focusing solely on 100% remote companies. We'll cover remote-first companies in a separate article soon: this one is for the purists.

And there's plenty to cover. We're seeing the next wave of world-changing companies adopt remote working at an accelerating rate including, GitLab (1,400+ remote workers in 65+ countries), Automattic (1,700+ remote workers in 90+ countries), and Zapier (400+ remote workers in 30+ countries).

Here's our list of the best companies that are fully remote:

10up website screenshot


“The best talent isn’t found in a single zip code, and an international clientele requires a global perspective.”

10up are a global team of 250+ designers and developers crafting websites, apps, and tools for content creators. They specialize in WordPress and React projects at scale, with clients including Google, Adobe, Microsoft and Stanford University.

Founded in 2011, 10up pride themselves on “building without boundaries” and are a fully remote company, hosting an annual all-team summit to bring everyone together. They’re also an open-source collective, committed to making as much of their technology available for free to help grow the community and benefit others. We’re a huge fan of this transparency.

“Independence from traditional “brick and mortar” offices, freedom from commutes, and flexible schedules across nearly a dozen time zones means our team works when and where they’re most inspired, available when our clients need them.”

Learn about 10up, 10up's tech stack, or find remote jobs at 10up.

15five website screenshot


“We believe that in today’s global, knowledge-based economy, a company’s true power lies in its people and culture.”

15Five is a people management platform founded in 2011 built for remote teams. Their focus is to enable managers to unlock peak employee performance with software and education that empowers engagement, even when employees are spread all around the globe.

As well as being a fully remote company, 15Five offers some really great benefits for their distributed team, including 16 weeks parental leave and 401k with 4% matching. With over 250 employees, they’re always looking for smart people to join their team.

“It’s not easy to keep your remote workforce thriving. And we should know: 15Five was built for—and by—distributed teams.”

Learn about 15Five, 15Five's tech stack, or find remote jobs at 15Five.

84codes website screenshot


​​“We have a remote-first culture. We overcome remote challenges through transparency, trust, and everyday communication through Slack.”

84codes is a Swedish tech company helping thousands of teams build distributed systems by simplifying cloud infrastructure. Since 2012, they’ve worked with 3500+ companies in over 60 countries with a distributed team of just 25. Pretty impressive!

“​​We are a remote team, but we like to come together a couple of times per year and work, hang out and go on adventures together. On previous team trips we have visited the Swedish mountains and archipelago, to mention a few places.”

Learn about 84codes, 84codes' tech stack, or find remote jobs at 84codes.

Adeva website screenshot


Adeva is a global talent network that connects organizations with distributed tech talent across the world in 30 countries. They take a community-driven approach to attract talent to help organizations to scale engineering teams fast.

Since they were founded in 2014, they’ve been a fully remote team and have been growing 250% year-on-year. Adeva is on a mission to help 1 million people find remote work.

“Our vision is to bring equal opportunities to all developers around the world, no matter their location, gender or race.”

Learn about Adeva, Adeva's tech stack, or find remote jobs at Adeva.

Aha! website screenshot


“Being an always-remote company means we can hire intrinsically motivated people who love to learn, support their teammates, and want to work from where they are happiest.”

Aha! is a roadmap and product strategy startup used by over 500,000 users worldwide. They do things differently — started in 2013, they’ve always been focused on building a company that both customers and employees love.

We admire Aha! because they’ve also bootstrapped their incredible growth as a 100% remote company, with no venture capital, offices, or salespeople. In a world of growth-at-all-costs startups, this is an impressive feat. They also seem to really care about autonomy and mental wellbeing:

“​​Everyone enjoys getting meaningful work done. We want you to (re)discover your joy for work — that sense of confidence, impact, and swagger that makes you say, “I’ve got this.””

Learn about Aha!, Aha!'s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Aha!.

Airmeet website screenshot


"The world is going remote and the future of work is distributed. In such a world, learning from your peers, engaging with your tribe & building authentic professional relationships would be the key part of every knowledge professional’s life."

Airmeet is a fast-growing online platform for virtual summits, meetups & events. They differentiate from other event platforms with “social lounges” designed to deliver a rich networking experience, just like an in-person event.

Champions of remote events, it makes sense that Airmeet are also 100% remote for all the right reasons:

"We believe in 100% ownership & flexibility of how & where you work. As a remote-first startup, we look for only the best of the best people around the world."

Learn about Airmeet, Airmeet's tech stack, or find remote jobs at Airmeet.

Animalz website screenshot


“We’re not just hiring people who are talented, we’re helping shape new talent into the best content marketers in the world.”

Animalz are a fully remote content marketing agency with team members scattered around the world. Their 100+ team creates long-form content for websites and blogs with a focus on sustainable and organic growth.

Their work structure promotes asynchronous, allowing their team to “Work from wherever you like, as long as you have overlap with customers and the team.”

“We all work from wherever suits us best, whether that’s a home office or the local coffee shop.”

Learn about Animalz, Animalz's tech stack, or find remote jobs at Animalz.

Arkency website screenshot


“We have a set of tools to make this kind of working possible. You won’t miss anything important even if you’re working in weird hours. In fact, some of us do.”

Arkency is a software development agency spread all around the world. They hire talented software engineers, creators, and problem-solvers and then give them the freedom and tools to work asynchronously wherever and whenever they like. As Arkency’s founder, Andrzej Krzywda puts it: "[We’re] more than remote, we value async, which means work at any time you prefer. The whole process is constructed around it. Async/remote is part of our DNA. I think it's now part of our lifestyle too. There's a lot of freedom with such approach."

We think their careers page says it best:

“Anarchy means - flexible work hours, choosing your own priorities and coming up with the initiative (we love that!). Remote means you are working from everywhere in the world - home, your coworking office, whatever. And async means all communication is not meant to be done instantly - we avoid meetings and long discussions. We have a set of tools to make this kind of working possible. You won’t miss anything important even if you’re working in weird hours. In fact, some of us do.”

Learn about Arkency, Arkency’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Arkency.

Articulate website screenshot


“Work where, when, and how you want. There's no corporate office, no corporate B.S. Nothing between you and your best work.”

Articulate is a software company that creates tools for e-learning. Founded in 2002, Articulate has grown to over 112,000 enterprise customers across 161 countries — all 100 of the Fortune 100. That’s pretty impressive.

What’s even more impressive is that Articulate is 100% remote. It’s no wonder that they’re one of Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces. Along with remote benefits, they offer their team student debt repayments, 3% 401k matching, 17 weeks paid parental leave and even mental health sessions.

“You'll be working with a team who knows how to do remote right. We've always been fully remote and have nearly two decades of experience under our belts. Read our CEO's articles on remote work for insight into our remote environment.”

Learn about Articulate, Articulate’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Articulate.

Automattic website screenshot


We care about the work you produce, not the hours you put in.

Automattic is a remote company with more than 1,800 employees in 91+ countries speaking 115+ different languages. Never heard of them? You’ve probably used their technologies — they’re the team behind WordPress. com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Tumblr (+more). Pretty much half the internet!

"Automatticians" has been 100% remote since 2005. In 2014, Automattic CEO and WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg committed to dedicating 5% of company time to WordPress open source projects. They’re async first but get together once a year for a company retreat.

“This isn’t your typical work-from-home job. Everyone works from the location they choose. We’re spread out all over the world in more than 70 countries.”

Learn about Automattic, Automattic’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Automattic.

AULA website screenshot


“We believe remote work is a competitive advantage, not a cost-saving exercise.”

Aula is a British e-learning platform focused on helping higher education bring content and learning online. In April 2019, they ditched their office and went fully remote, with a 40-person team spread across the globe from Nebraska to Pakistan.

A really great initiative the company has is their 100% open source company handbook, called The Aula Brain. Not only is it a great resource for their team, but it's an insight into how they work asynchronously and a fantastic recruiting tool.

“We are convinced that 'Aula as a remote company' would win against 'Aula as an office-based company'.”

Learn about AULA, AULA’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at AULA.

Awesome Motive website screenshot

Awesome Motive

“When we say we value People First, we mean it. We pride ourselves in making a welcoming environment for everyone. No politics, No B.S., and definitely No jerks!”

Awesome Motive is a software development company that makes tools for small internet businesses, notably WPBeginner, OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, WPForms, and more.

They’re a 100% remote team with 150+ employees distributed across over 30 countries. Not bad for a team working on products that power over 17 million websites!

“You can work at home 100% of the time, or work from literally anywhere that has internet.”

Learn about Awesome Motive, Awesome Motive’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Awesome Motive.

Axelerant website screenshot


Axelerant are a “digital transformation” consultancy helping companies all around the world develop their products and digital footprint.

Founded in 2021, they’ve been proudly open source and 100% remote from day 1, with 140+ team members spread all around the world.

“We wanted our team members to be happy and fulfilled wherever they were located and we were fully committed to that goal, long-term.”

Learn about Axelerant, Axelerant’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Axelerant.

Bandcamp website screenshot


“Our team of 100+ people is sprinkled throughout the world, and we use a bunch of online collaboration tools to work together across time zones.”

Bandcamp is a thriving, global music community founded in 2008 and have been a fully remote company since. Their platform supports independent articles, helping fans discover new music and directly support the musicians who make it. Fans have paid artists and their labels $825 million using Bandcamp.

Just like the artists they promote, Bandcamp “value the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that a distributed culture provides”, allowing their 100+ team to work asynchronously from anywhere in the world that overlaps with GMT-7.

Learn about Bandcamp, Bandcamp’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Bandcamp.

Basecamp website screenshot


“On top of writing the book on remote work, we’ve been running a successful remote company for more than 20 years.”

Basecamp builds an all-in-one toolkit for working remotely. For more than two decades, Basecamp has been proving that you don't need to be a big company to have a big impact. Their team of less than 100 employees created Ruby on Rails, wrote a number of influential and NYT best-selling books, and have been pioneers of remote work since they were founded in 2005 when remote working was a tiny niche.

During summer, Basecamp has 4-day work weeks, aka 'summer hours'. Summer hours are in effect from May 1 through August 31 each year.

"We have people working all sorts of different hours and from all sorts of different places at Basecamp. That alone makes it hard to enforce a lot of tightly-coupled workflows during the day, but that’s a feature not a bug. Most of the work you do at Basecamp shouldn’t require you to be in constant communication throughout the entire day with someone."

– 'How We Work' from the Basecamp Employee Handbook

Learn about Basecamp, Basecamp’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Basecamp.

Bejamas website screenshot


“Learn modern web building, join the remote team, and work from… wherever you want.”

Bejamas are a Polish JAMstack software development agency founded in 2018. Their focus is on building high-quality modern websites and progressive web apps that are easy to maintain.

With a small team of about 30 employees, Bejamas are proudly 100% remote and value transparency and openness at the core of everything they do.

“The mere fact we’re all different and have different lifestyles gives us a chance to be more open and inspires us to make progress. We don’t believe in the nine-to-five work routine, being tied up to the desk, or forcing new employees to relocate.”

Learn about Bejamas, Bejamas’ tech stack, or find remote jobs at Bejamas.

BestSelf website screenshot


“We are a 100% remote team — you can work from anywhere with a wifi connection.”

BestSelf is a modern lifestyle brand creating tools and thoughtful products designed to help people achieve more and be more productive. Founded in 2015 BestSelf grew from a Kickstarter launch to 8-figures in revenue in just over 3 years. Since then, they’ve grown into a remote team spread across the world with $0 in outside funding!

They’re also doing social good and have partnered with Feeding America — for every purchase, a meal is donated to someone facing hunger. To date, they’ve provided over 325,000 meals to people in need.

It’s clear that BestSelf value remote working, and have written a great article on how they work as a distributed team.

Learn about BestSelf, BestSelf’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at BestSelf.

Bevy website screenshot


“We are a 100% remote company. All employees enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere. All you need is a computer and a great internet connection and you are all set!”

Bevy is a virtual community events software platform, helping companies including Slack, Webflow, Atlassian, and Twitch plan, promote, and execute virtual events.

Founded in 2017, the Bevy team is distributed across 6 different countries and more than 20 different cities. They’re committed to making sure their remote team can do their best work, offering remote work stipends to set up and maintain a comfortable work environment, unlimited time off, twice a year annual company retreats, and a mandatory company-wide shutdown during the last weeks of December through New Year's Day.

Learn about Bevy, Bevy’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Bevy.

Biteable website screenshot


“The Biteable team of fantastic people is scattered around the world. We work together, asynchronously from wherever we live.”

Biteable is a simple but powerful video editing platform used by millions of entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Founded in Hobart, Australia in 2014, Biteable now has over 60 remote employees spread all around the world.

“We’re growing fast and have a remote team located around the world. We are informal, structurally flat, and fun to work with.”

Learn about Biteable, Biteable’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Biteable.

BuddyBoss website screenshot


“All our communication and meetings happen remotely using Slack. You could be sitting in a quaint cafe in a far corner of the world and still celebrate a team member’s birthday!”

BuddyBoss is an open-source WordPress platform helping entrepreneurs all around the world sell memberships, courses, and build online communities. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2010, BuddyBoss is a 100% remote team with 70+ distributed employees and encourages async work where team members can set their own schedule and work hours to “achieve a better work-life balance, happiness and productivity!”

“We are a team of 70+ (and growing), working from 10 different countries, across 10 time zones. Joining BuddyBoss is joining a large multi-cultural family, spread across the world.”

Learn about BuddyBoss, BuddyBoss’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at BuddyBoss.

Buffer website screenshot


“[We] chose fully remote so that Buffer employees could live wherever they felt happiest and most productive and we later realized there are a lot of other benefits to remote work: being able to hire great teammates regardless of location and having customer advocates in almost every time zone.”

Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by 73,000+ customers to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media.

Founded in 2010, Buffer is a fully distributed team of 85+ living and working in 15 countries around the world. Remote working has been the norm at Buffer for many years now; they ditched the office in 2015 for permanent remote work and have been hiring remote positions since 2011. Buffer "does everything 100% remote first to create that feeling of inclusivity and equality across the board." They care about their team and offer great benefits, including health insurance, unlimited vacations, annual company retreats, and profit-sharing when the company does well.

Buffer started trialing a four-day workweek in April 2020 and announced in February 2021 that they would be continuing four-day work weeks for the foreseeable future as the shorter workweeks gave employees a better work-life balance.

“We try to communicate asynchronously when possible. This concept simply means that work doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone.”

Learn about Buffer, Buffer’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Buffer.

Buildkite website screenshot


“We’re a globally distributed, remote-first company, and all our work happens over chat and video calls. Work from your home office, a co-working space, or your local cat café.”

Buildkite is a software development automation tool that helps software teams stay happy and productive. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, BuildKit is a 100% remote team with 35+ employees around the world.

As a remote-first team, they care about their team and offer some great benefits including a new computer and phone every 24 months, 6 weeks paid leave, health cover, profit sharing, and a generous 6-months paid parental leave.

“Set yourself up with a great work environment, either at home or in a co-working space, with a budget for a desk and chair, and a new computer and phone every 24 months. We’ll also cover the cost of plants, art, or anything else you need to set yourself up with a beautiful and productive work environment.”

Learn about Buildkite, Buildkite’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Buildkite. website screenshot

“Our team spans the globe and has worked tirelessly to accelerate the adoption of crypto and usher in the future of finance.” is the world's leading software platform for digital assets and the fastest-growing crypto wallet in the world. Backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Google and founded in London in 2011, Blockchain has grown to 400+ employees and offers unlimited vacation, crypto bonuses, and paid parental leave.

Learn about,’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at

Capbase website screenshot


Capbase is a digital back-end for startups. They handle all the boring and complicated stuff, like incorporation, cap table management, stock issuance, corporate governance, and compliance in one single platform so founders can focus on what matters most.

They’re a small team with plenty of opportunities to collaborate directly with founders.

“We are a team of designers, engineers, and business professionals spread across 6 time zones on 3 continents united by our passion for dogs, coffee, and great software.”

Learn about Capbase, Capbase’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Capbase.

Carted website screenshot


Carted is a relatively new company founded in Sydney in 2020, building the future of commerce. Carted enables developers to make commerce seamless by connecting them to millions of merchants and billions of products with a single API.

“We are lucky enough to have amazing talent distributed all across the globe and we have a remote work mentality. We are an international team and love working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities.”

Learn about Carted, Carted’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Carted.

ChartHop website screenshot


ChartHop is the world’s first people management platform helping teams run and scale better. ChartHop originally started out as an org chart software vendor in 2019 and has grown to 100+ remote employees.

“We're building ChartHop to be the best People Software on the planet and that starts with hiring the best people globally. We’re building an inclusive culture.”

Learn about ChartHop, ChartHop’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at ChartHop.

ConvertKit website screenshot


“Being a fully remote team we’re a highly motivated bunch of people, and many of us are creators ourselves running various side projects in our spare time.”

ConvertKit is simple email marketing software for online creators. With 19,500 paying customers sending 500 million emails per month, ConvertKit are 100% independent, 100% remote and are growing rapidly.

They’re also a 100% remote team of 35 people in 24 cities across 7 countries. ConvertKit “hire A-players and treat them like A-players because we believe in the power of great company culture to help us grow”.

ConvertKit also offer great benefits, including profit-sharing, a $3,200 remote equipment allowance (US employees), health insurance, 12 weeks parental leave, and biannual team retreats.

“100% remote with the smallest possible team. We believe a small team gives us the opportunity to focus on what matters most.”

Learn about ConvertKit, ConvertKit's tech stack, or find remote jobs at ConvertKit.

Clerky website screenshot


Clerky is the only online legal service obsessed with helping startup founders get legal paperwork done the right way. Their software helps founders generate documents, collect electronic signatures, and keep everything organized.

Founded in 2011, Clerky focuses particularly on helping startups minimize the chance of problems in legal due diligence. Their goal isn't just to help founders get legal paperwork done quickly, but to “help founders get legal paperwork done quickly and safely.”

“We work with the best, wherever they're located.”

Learn about Clerky, Clerky’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Clerky.

Clevertech website screenshot


“We expect professionalism and client service, so we can offer a deeply caring experience for our clients. In return, you get the freedom to work wherever you want. No timesheets, no big brother watching every move. We trust you to know what’s best, to find the right solution.”

Clevertech is a leading software development consultancy founded in 2000. They’re a fully remote team of 300+ with a strong focus on asynchronous work, shared ownership, and hiring the best team possible, regardless of location.

“​​Clevertech is a fully remote company. There is no office, no people in a centralized location… everyone is spread around the world, working together efficiently.”

Learn about Clevertech, Clevertech’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Clevertech.

Clio website screenshot


Clio is a remote-first legal technology platform with a customer base of 150,000+. Their cloud-based software helps law offices all around the world manage clients and projects more efficiently.

Founded in Canada in 2008, Clio’s 500+ employees shifted to fully remote in 2020 with the introduction of a "build your home office" stipend. One thing we love about Clio is their social program which donates 1% of their profits and 1% of employee time to volunteer work.

“At Clio, we’re creating a human and high-performing culture. That means you’ll be encouraged and supported to do your best work.”

Learn about Clio, Clio’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Clio.

Close website screenshot


“We're 40+ team members from around the world—supporting and coaching thousands of customers to growth every single day.”

Close is a 100% remote team building an industry-leading sales CRM. Their software helps companies convert leads and operate more efficiently to increase revenue. To attract the best global talent, they offer bi-annual team retreats, coworking stipends, 10 weeks parental leave, and a generous 6% 401k matching.

“You can work from anywhere around the world. Travelling doesn't need to destroy your PTO day limit.”

Learn about Close, Close’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Close.

Cloudbeds website screenshot


Cloudbeds is a software company creating tools and platforms for the hospitality and travel industry. Founded in 2012, they’re a fully remote team of 400+ employees, spread across 40 countries and 30 languages. Their mission is to “power every property in the world with our hospitality management software.”

“We’ve been remote-first since our start in 2012, not just so we can travel and have work-life flexibility, but also so there are no boundaries in recruiting the most talented, passionate, and fearless people wherever they are in the world.”

Learn about Cloudbeds, Cloudbeds’ tech stack, or find remote jobs at Cloudbeds.

CoinTracker website screenshot


“Live your best life, with the freedom of remote work.”

CoinTracker is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax compliance platform, helping 500,000+ users track over $1B in crypto assets across 300+ exchanges and 8,000+ cryptocurrencies.

CoinTracker was founded in 2017 and is growing fast. As a 100% remote company, they offer some great benefits including flexibility (work when you want, as long as you can make 9 am-12 pm PT), 12 weeks paid parental leave, bi-annual company retreats, and equity.

“We are a fully internationally distributed, tight-knit team. We have minimal process, and the majority of our time is spent working and collaborating asynchronously through tools like Figma, Github, Google Meet, Linear, Notion, Slack, Zendesk.”

Learn about Cointracker, Cointracker’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Cointracker.

Contra website screenshot


Contra is the first professional community for the new independent workforce, helping thousands of people around the world balance work-life, creativity, and professional freedom.

They’re a 100% remote company and are hiring fast to “help build the future of work, from wherever you choose!” They also have a “No Meeting Wednesdays” policy we love, healthcare benefits, remote working stipends, and equity.

Learn about Contra, Contra’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Contra. website screenshot

“As a globally distributed, remote-first company, we value synchronous and asynchronous work and know that occasionally turning off Slack notifications is a good thing!” is an automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers who want more control and flexibility to craft and send data-driven emails, push notifications, and SMS messages.

Founded in 2012, they’re a 100% remote team of 130, spread across 28 countries. In addition to offering a competitive salary, clearly cares about their distributed team with great benefits including home office allowances, bi-annual meetups, equity, and health and wellness benefits.

“We have flexible working hours so our team members can choose a schedule that works best for their lives, their health, and their families.”

Learn about,’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at

Design Pickle website screenshot

Design Pickle

Design Pickle is a global creative services company providing thousands of businesses with unlimited, high-quality design and illustration work at a flat rate. They’re kind of like a graphic designer for hire, but at an easy, flat rate.

Founded in 2015, Design Pickle has grown to 400+ remote employees and has served over 1,000,000+ customers.

Learn about Design Pickle, Design Pickle’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Design Pickle.

Discourse website screenshot


“Discourse is 100% remote and has no central physical office, so you’ll need to work well independently with minimal amounts of day-to-day micromanagement. You should be comfortable managing your own time and prioritizing your own work.”

Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Thousands of tech companies around the world use Discourse as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more.

Started in 2013 with 3 co-founders, Discourse is now a team of 55 fully remote workers and growing fast. The do things differently as well, with a completely flexible work schedule structure, super competitive salaries, five weeks vacation, healthcare, and annual team retreats.

“We are a completely remote company, working from 19 different countries and 12 different timezones.”

Learn about Discourse, Discourse’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Discourse.

DNSimple website screenshot


“We built DNSimple to be 100% remote from day one. Flexible schedules. No offices. Work where you want.”

DNSimple is a DNS hosting and domain management platform, helping thousands of businesses register domains, issue SSL certificates, and manage DNS settings.

DNSimple has always been 100% bootstrapped and 100% remote, which is particularly impressive because they were founded back in 2010. They’re a small team of about 20 and are always looking for new employees.

Learn about DNSimple, DNSimple’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at DNSimple.

DockYard website screenshot


“As a fully distributed company we’ve found a formula that works. We truly believe and practice a work-life balance which allows us to create our best work.”

DockYard is a multi-disciplined digital product agency offering everything from custom software and web and mobile app development to product design and project management.

Founded in 2010, Dockyard has embraced remote working as a fully distributed company with over 60 remote employees spread across the world. One cool benefit they offer is “DockYard Fridays”  where employees can take every Friday to work on fun internal projects, learn a new skill, or get involved in their diversity group.

“We're a geographically diverse team and we work where we live. We make this arrangement beneficial for everyone and provide unparalleled freedom to work in a way that’s most productive for the individual.”

Learn about DockYard, DockYard’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at DockYard.

Doist website screenshot


“We're a productive, virtual team that makes productivity tools. We are designers, engineers, and communicators united by a common goal, not a common location.”

Doist does productivity software really well. They create tools for individuals and teams that simplify and organize the workday, notably Todoist and Twist. With over 60 employees across 51 cities, the Doist team operates as a remote-first company and is 100% bootstrapped.

We’re huge fans of Doist because they’re vocal advocates for remote work, asynchronous work, and do their part to give back. Part of being a remote company means being responsible citizens of the world. Every year, Doist donates up to 2% of revenue growth to support internationally-minded organizations. They’re one of the reasons at Himalayas we contribute 10% of every payment to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere with Stripe Climate.

Doist is clearly doing something right, with an incredible retention rate of 98.5%, and more than 50% of employees staying with the company for over four years.

“A product stands a better chance of resonating with a global workforce when it’s created by people around the world.”

— Amir Salihefendic, Founder and CEO, Doist

Learn about Doist, Doist’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Doist.

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DoiT International

DoiT International is a Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services strategic partner who helps tech companies use the cloud in the smartest, most effective ways. Basically, they do all the heavy lifting and help businesses save costs wherever possible.

Founded in 2011, DoiT is a fully remote company with 250+ employees around the world. They’re growing fast and hiring for dozens of different remote positions.

“Our culture works to empower our teams to be results-driven while providing an excellent work-life balance.”

Learn about DoiT International, DoiT International’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at DoiT International.

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Drops is a language learning mobile app with more than 30 million users worldwide and featuring 43+ languages. Their focus is on making language learning a delightful, seamless, gamified experience.

Founded in 2015 as a bootstrapped startup, Drops has grown to 35+ fully remote team members. In November 2020, Drops was acquired by Kahoot!, the world's leading game-based learning platform.

Learn about Drops, Drops’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Drops.

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“DuckDuckGo is a remote company of 125+ passionate people from over 15 countries. Together, we're on a mission to show the world that protecting privacy can be simple.”

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused Internet browser used by millions of people worldwide. With 3B monthly searches and 5M monthly downloads, DuckDuckGo is one of the fastest-growing browsers in the world (the #2 search engine on mobile in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the Netherlands). Their mission is to “show the world that protecting privacy is simple. For over a decade, we've created new technology and worked with policymakers to make online privacy simple and accessible for all.”

Founded in 2008, DuckDuckGo is a team of over 125 remote employees in over 15 countries. They’ve also been profitable since 2014, with revenue exceeding $100 million a year!

“Remote First, Always: We've always been a fully distributed company with team members all over the world. We trust you to get your work done wherever, whenever.”

Learn about DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckGo’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at DuckDuckGo.

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“We don’t bother with office politics, both because that’s way too cliche, and also, because we don’t have an office. (So, you can wear stretchy pants to work and no one will judge.)”

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool founded in 2014 so that “professionals could manage their social media with more consistency and in less time.”

They’ve been a 100% bootstrapped and 100% remote company from day 1. We think that’s pretty great.

“We’re 100% remote, so you can work from the comfort of your home office, local coffee shop, or underground nuclear fallout shelter.”

Learn about MeetEdgar, MeetEdgar’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at MeetEdgar.

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Fire Engine RED

Being able to hire the very best people without having to consider geographical restraints is key to our company culture – and to our clients’ continuing success.

Fire Engine RED is a 100% remote marketing, data, technology, and consulting services company that’s served the education market since 2001.

With a team of over 70 across 28 states and four countries, Fire Engine RED serves over 500 clients remotely.

Learn about Fire Engine RED, Fire Engine RED’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Fire Engine RED.

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“Remote work is the biggest workplace revolution in history and nothing will deliver a higher quality of life increase in the next decade than this.”

Firstbase is an all-in-one remote team management platform. Their software helps tech companies set up, manage, maintain and retrieve all the physical equipment their remote workers need to do great work at home.

Founded in 2019, Firstbase is a fully remote team, so they recognize and understand the logistical challenges that remote teams face and how to solve them.

“Workers having more freedom, autonomy and trust to decide their work schedule, able to operate when they are most productive rather than a fixed day, enables a far better future of work than the one we currently experience.”

Learn about Firstbase, Firstbase’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Firstbase.

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Float is a resource management platform that gives teams an accurate view of their capacity, so they can plan, track, and optimize how work is assigned. Float helps thousands of teams to manage their resources more efficiently and deliver great work.

Founded in 2012, Float is 100% self-funded and 100% remote with a team of 25+ working across 20+ cities globally.

“We’re passionate about helping our team become the best version of themselves. We believe that smart time management empowers us to do the best work of our life, while still having a life.”

Learn about Float, Float’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Float.

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“We’re a fully remote company that invests in empowering our staff to do their best work.”

Frontastic is a Frontend-as-a-Service cloud platform that accelerates teams in creating mobile-first frontends for the API economy. That sounds a bit technical — basically, they help software developers create great mobile experiences with as few headaches as possible.

Founded in Germany in 2017, Frontastic is a fully remote team of 35+ spread all across the world. They prioritize asynchronous communication: “Our first lines of communication are tools like Slack and Notion. We document everything and we openly share it, unless it’s confidential.”

3 times a year, the Frontastic team meets for a retrospective and a 5-day retreat.

“You’re free to choose your own hours to work around your life. We’re also open to part-time hours.”

Learn about Frontastic, Frontastic’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Frontastic.

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“Our entire company is distributed, so we take remote work seriously. If you’d rather not work from home, we will cover the cost of a coworking or office space.”

GatsbyJS was founded in 2015 as a simple way to build a website or a mobile app with React. Since then, thousands of developers use Gatsby to build apps and CMS-powered websites with modern tooling. Gatsby provides development teams an open-source frontend framework for creating dynamic, optimized websites and a cloud platform for delivering them on a blazing fast edge network.

As a fully remote company, Gatsby offers generous healthcare benefits, stock options, home office stipends, 3 months parental leave, and will even cover the cost of employees to work from coworking spaces if they want to.

Learn about Gatsby, Gatsby’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Gatsby.

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“We've worked remotely since 2013 and, though everyone does it now, the way in which we've done it has always been to give people freedom and trust to do their best work — and live a fulfilling life beyond work.”

Ghost was founded in 2013 from a Kickstarter campaign to create a new platform focused solely on professional publishing. Today, they help millions of businesses, journalists, and writers across the world have a real impact on the future of online media.

Ghost is also 100% self-funded and a non-profit organization that gives away all of the intellectual property and software they create as free and open source. We love Ghost so much that we use it to power the Himalayas blog.

“You won't find endless Zoom calls, full calendars, petty process or exhausting career politics here. Just a calm, creative group of humans enjoying challenging problems at the junction between art, science and engineering.”

Learn about Ghost, Ghost’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Ghost.

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GitBook is a modern, open-source documentation platform designed to let developers quickly publish content from a git repo.

Founded in France in 2014, GitBook are a fully remote and product-oriented company. They’re a small team of about 20 spread across Europe and are currently working on a major new version of their product. As part of their remote culture, they host quarterly team offsites and allow employees a budget for coworking spaces and home office setups.

Learn about GitBook, GitBook’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at GitBook.

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“We're a fully remote and completely distributed team, so we can work wherever we're happiest.”

GitLab is a hyper-successful DevOps platform that recently went public on the Nasdaq. More than 30 million users and 100,000 organizations from startups to global enterprise organizations use GitLab to deliver great software at new speeds.

GitLab is proudly a remote-first company and took full advantage of remote collaboration best practices long before the coronavirus pandemic. With a fully remote team of over 1,400, GitLab is one of the largest 100% remote companies in the world. They’re also huge advocates of remote and asynchronous work and recognized early that when implemented effectively, remote collaboration is the key to innovation in the competitive software development landscape. They even wrote a handbook on it.

"Innovation happens when you’re intentional, and these touch points can happen in physical spaces just as easily as virtual spaces... The clearer goals, objectives, and work streams are, the easier it is for distributed teams to keep track of what others are working toward. That drives shared understanding and belonging."

– Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab

GitLab is just one example from a long list of successful remote-first companies that have embraced remote collaboration as the future of work and encourage employees to work from home or remotely by default.

Learn about Gitlab, Gitlab’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Gitlab.

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“We're a fully-distributed company, which means that you can work from wherever you want, whenever you feel the most productive.”

Guilded is an online group chat community specifically for online gamers. Guilded enables players or teams to build tools that can help them recruit faster and play better.

As a fully remote company, Guilded host bi-annual offsite for their remote team to meet up.

“We're a fully-remote team. We know that many engineers are the happiest and do their best work when they're empowered to build on their own schedule.”

Learn about Guilded, Guilded’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Guilded.

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“We believe every creator should be able to earn a living doing what they love.”

Gumroad is an online seller platform that helps creators get paid for their work. To date, they have sent over $533 million to creators.

Founded in 2011 Pinterest designer, Sahil Lavingia, Gumroad has been a fully remote team from day 1, with 48 people scattered all over the world. Most of Gumroad’s team are part-time, working on average 22 hours a week.

Learn about Gumroad, Gumroad’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Gumroad.

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“​​We don’t have an office, and our entire team is remote. Do your work from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection.”

Groove is an all-in-one customer service platform that helps teams deliver fast, personal, high-quality support to customers. In a space full of bloated competitors, Groove take a simpler approach: “We built it with a minimal feature set that anyone can use, and we left out everything else. No clutter. No complexity. No extra features to confuse and overwhelm you.”

Launched in 2011, Groove is a fully remote company with 20+ employees and 8,000+ customers.

Learn about Groove, Groove’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Groove.

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Help Scout

“We're remote. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked remotely before — we’ve been doing it for nearly a decade and are helping to write the playbook — we’re happy to show you the ropes. Most folks that get a taste of working in a "remote first" company have a hard time going back to the old way of doing things.”

Help Scout is a popular customer support email and live chat platform on a mission to “empower businesses with tools that serve people in the most human, helpful way.”

Founded in 2011, Help Scout has been a fully remote company from day 1 and is powering 12,000+ teams in 140+ countries. Their 150+ distributed team is spread across 80+ cities worldwide.

Everyone at Help Scout has the opportunity to own equity in the company, attend bi-annual retreats, and has access to healthcare.

“One of the best decisions we’ve made at Help Scout is to build a remote culture.”

Learn about Help Scout, Help Scout’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Help Scout.

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Hopin are an all-in-one events management platform. Their platform is used by thousands of teams, including Slack and Twitch, to create immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences, no matter where they are.

Founded in just 2019, Hopin has grown incredibly fast and employs over 800 remote workers. They are a fully remote, globally distributed team of “passionate individuals committed to improving the way people come together and make connections”.

Hopin hosts two “workations” per year, where they get everyone together. They also offer remote employees unlimited vacation and flexible hours, plus $800 for home office setups and $1,500 learning and development stipends.

“The best thing about being 100% distributed is that our pool of potential talent is as big as it can possibly be—there are no geographical barriers keeping us from hiring someone.”

Learn about Hopin, Hopin’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Hopin.

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“Work from anywhere: 100% remote, WeWork All Access Pass or work-from-home stipend."

Hopper is a travel technology company leveraging big data and machine learning to build the world’s fastest-growing travel marketplace.

Despite the COVID pandemic, Hopper’s revenue growth is up 112% which is pretty incredible growth. They’ve raised $590 million to grow further, and are hiring for dozens of roles all over the world.

As a 100% remote company of 500+, Hopper uses asynchronous work to their advantage by making sure their employees are afforded complete autonomy to get their job done without bureaucracy:

“We enable ownership and autonomy. We do this through defining decision rights and creating mechanisms to hold people accountable so they can do their best work.”

Learn about Hopper, Hopper’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Hopper.

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“We believe people from different backgrounds, with different identities and experiences, make our product and our company better – just as our users come from everywhere, a diverse team helps ensure we create a product that is accessible to a wide range of people.”

Hotjar is a powerful user analytics and behavior tool used to help teams improve their website and convert more visitors. Their software is trusted by almost a billion websites in 180+ countries.

Hotjar is a 100% remote company and 100% self-funded. Today, they employ over 200 remote workers throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They’re also big fans of asynchronous work and autonomy: “We hate bureaucracy and slow-moving organizations – but we're suckers for well-defined processes.”

The team at Hotjar meets up bi-annually for company retreats and employees are actively encouraged to pursue both personal and professional growth; always be learning is one of their core values. All employees benefit from an annual holiday, home office, personal development, workspace, and wellbeing budgets. They also offer generous 40 days annual leave and 16 weeks of paid parental leave.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone at Hotjar interrupts my day by asking “Hey, are you busy? Can you check something for me super-quick?”... I’d be pretty poor.”

Learn about Hotjar, Hotjar’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Hotjar.

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How-To Geek

“The best thing about being 100% distributed is that our pool of potential talent is as big as it can possibly be—there are no geographical barriers keeping us from hiring someone.”

How-To Geek is an online tech magazine and one of the top 500 websites in the US and the site’s 10,000+ articles have been read more than 1 billion times. What do they do? They explain technology, simply.

How-To Geek has been around since 2007 and is 100% remote so they can access the best possible writers in a global market. As Founder Lowell Heddings says:

“Having a better pool of talent was really important, and really the primary reason we chose to do everything distributed.”

Their relatively small team of ~40 remote employees work asynchronously, relying on Slack to collaborate. They also meet up for company events and large industry events.

“We don’t have normal office hours, or even an office, so you can be located anywhere—this is strictly a remote job.”

Learn about How-To Geek, How-To Geek’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at How-To Geek.

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“Work where and how you want to work. You’re free to design the business you want when Hubstaff streamlines time tracking and team management.”

Hubstaff builds productivity and workforce management tools that help remote, mobile, and growing teams work better together. They started as a super simple time tracking software for teams to “spend less time tracking and more time growing”, but grew fast and have expanded their suite of products into a complete productivity platform. They now have 70,000+ active users

Hubstaff is proudly 100% remote, with 90 team members spread across 28 countries:

“If there’s anything we’ve learned since starting Hubstaff, it’s that remote work works. As more businesses turn to this method to get things done, we’re right there alongside them, ushering in a new era of flexible, smarter work.”

Learn about Hubstaff, Hubstaff’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Hubstaff.

Human Made website screenshot

Human Made

Human Made are one of the leading providers of large-scale WordPress platforms for enterprise teams. Since 2010, Human Made has helped brands such as TechCrunch, CapGemini and USA Today build and deliver their digital strategies and websites.

Today, Human Made is a 100% remote company with 70+ engineers, project managers, and marketers spread across the globe.

“We believe that we do our best work when we strike the right balance between work and life, prioritizing home and family while still being dedicated and serious in our careers.”

Learn about Human Made, Human Made’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Human Made.

IMG.LY website screenshot


IMG.LY is a German technology company specializing in video and image processing solutions for software developers. IMG.LY uses machine learning and computer vision to bridge design and technology, building the creative engine that will power the next generation of creative tools.

Today, they’re trusted by 600+ startups, governments, and Fortune 500 companies.

They launched in 2015 and in June 2020, the company announced they’re going 100% remote. Today, they’re a distributed team of 30+ remote employees.

“ will now transition into a remote-first company. We won’t get back to the old normal, as we don’t believe in an old normal. Now, we’re figuring out what it means to make a temporary change permanent.

Learn about IMG.LY, IMG.LY’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at IMG.LY.

InVision website screenshot


“We’re a 100% remote-first organization, offering a best-in-class remote experience.”

InVision is the digital product design platform used to help designers and product managers navigate every stage of the product design process, from ideation to development.

Today, more than 3.5 million people use InVision to create a repeatable and streamlined design workflow; rapidly design and prototype products before writing code, and collaborate across their entire organization. That includes more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100, and organizations like Airbnb, Netflix, and Slack.

InVision is one of the “original” fully distributed companies that have been remote by design since they were founded in 2011. With 900+ employees in 25 countries around the world, InVision is also one of the largest fully remote teams in the world.

“As a remote-first company since day one, our culture, employee experiences, and award-winning perks are all designed to make sure that everyone feels connected and engaged to each other and our customers. Remote-first means our employees build diverse, collaborative connections. Our employees can get incredible work done from their own corner offices wherever they are in the world. We believe this kind of trust enables our teams to hack their work/life in amazing ways.”

Learn about InVision, InVision’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at InVision.

Kinsta website screenshot


Kinsta was founded in 2013 to create the “best WordPress hosting platform in the world” powered by Google Cloud Platform. Today, they help 21,000+ companies from 128 countries around the globe through 25+ data centers.

As a fully remote company, Kinsta uses their distributed workforce to their advantage by hiring remote support teams that cover all time zones and in 5 languages.

“Our diversity is also our power. We all come from different walks of life, and this widens our unified perspective. It instills an understanding that we can use on a daily basis when interacting with each other or with clients.”

Learn about Kinsta, Kinsta’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Kinsta.

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Knack is a cloud-based no-code tool for companies to build web and mobile apps and manage data. At its core Knack is a simple tool to transform messy data into an easy online database. Trusted by over 4,000 customers including Harvard University and Tesla, Knack is a small team of ~40 remote workers spread all across the globe.

“We’ve been 100% remote from the beginning. Every decision we’ve made has been around how to best grow a team, do amazing work, and build a lasting culture in a 100% remote environment.”

Learn about Knack, Knack’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Knack.

Kona website screenshot


Kona's mission is to make it mainstream to be a good person at work. Their founding team bonded over terrible experiences with remote work and knew work could be better, healthier, and happier. Kona is built to help remote workers fight burnout and build connections without changing how they work.

"I've been working remotely for three years and never felt more welcomed joining a distributed team than I did at Kona. The team genuinely cares about each other holding true to our mission. Kona offers professional development and growth opportunities, as well as supports my mental health and wellbeing — joining this team was a no-brainer." – Sarah Archer, Head of Content Strategy at Kona

Learn more about Kona, Kona's tech stack, Kona employee benefits, or find remote jobs at Kona.

Lambda School website screenshot

Lambda School

Lambda School is an online coding school with an interesting model: they provide first-rate development education that's 100% free until you get a job.  Rather than pay upfront, students pay a portion of their income after they're hired. We love this model because it gives people the tools they need to rewrite their futures, regardless of their economic situation or location.

As a fully remote company, Lambda School hires educators and teachers from all over the world to help teach live lessons to students, empowering them to find remote work.

“We believe that the magic of learning happens when you leverage technology to do what it does best so we, humans, can do what we do best.”

Learn about Lambda School, Lambda School’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Lambda School.

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Leadfeeder is a website visitor analytics software that shows you the companies visiting your website, how they got there, and what pages they clicked.

Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2012, Leadfeeder has grown to 100+ fully remote employees spread across 25+ countries and is aiming to double their team in 2022!

“Leadfeeder is a remote-first, market-leading company with a solid, scalable business model. We have focused on sustainability whilst maintaining hyper-growth.”

Learn about Leadfeeder, Leadfeeder’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Leadfeeder.

LeadsBridge website screenshot


LeadsBridge is a marketing and advertising automation tool that connects and syncs in real-time to company advertising and sales funnels. LeadsBridge was founded in 2015 and serves over 18,000 customers.

As a fully remote company from day 1, the LeadsBridge team is a diverse group of 50+ people, working remotely from all over the globe and they’re growing fast.

Learn about LeadsBridge, LeadsBridge’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at LeadsBridge.

MailerLite website screenshot


“Online tools (like Slack, Notion, GitHub and 15Five) help us stay connected and keep our team strong. Every team member has the freedom to live and work anywhere around the world.”

MailerLite is a web design agency turned email marketing automation provider. They've been fully remote since they started in 2005, with a distributed team of more than 100 people living and working in 35 countries. More than 900,000 businesses, startups and freelancers around the world trust MailerLite to send more than 1 billion emails every month.

Twice a year, the entire MailerLite team meets in different locations for a “workation”.

“As a remote-first culture, it’s super important for us to gather as a group. Twice a year, the MailerLite team enjoys a workation—a paid work trip to an exotic location that facilitates team bonding.”

Learn about MailerLite, MailerLite’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at MailerLite.

MailerSend website screenshot


MailerSend is an intuitively designed transactional email tool that helps non-tech marketers create and send email templates. They’re also the team behind The Remote Company, so it makes sense that they’re 100% remote!

“We started hiring remotely as a way to provide 24/7 customer support. Then we realized that working remotely became our competitive advantage. You see, there’s no one place where all the best talent lives. So, we made our office location wherever people feel the most productive!”

Learn about MailerSend, MailerSend’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at MailerSend.

Makerpad website screenshot


Thousands of people are learning to save time and increase efficiency by automating their work and building tools without developers on Makerpad.

Founded in 2019, Makerpad was acquired by Zapier in 2021 and has grown to 10,000+ members.

“We want Makerpad to be a company of creators — people who make radically great content and who get shit done.”

Learn about Makerpad, Makerpad’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Makerpad.

Mango Languages website screenshot

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an adaptive language-learning platform where people all around the world can learn 70+ languages from expert linguists and native speakers. Their mission is to “inspire curious people to forge deeper connections through meaningful interactions”.

Founded in 2007, Mango Languages employs a remote team of 100+ and is always hiring content creators and language specialists. They offer unlimited PTO, continuous learning budgets, and health insurance.

Learn about Mango Languages, Mango Languages’ tech stack, or find remote jobs at Mango Languages.

Memberful website screenshot


“Everyone at Memberful is free to live and work wherever they choose. Our internal process is built around remote communication and deep work.”

Memberful was founded in 2013 to help independent publishers, educators, and creators sell memberships to their audience and build sustainable businesses. They’re a small team of ~15 remote workers focused on building easy-to-use software that is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

We love Memberful’s “Do great work. Live your life.” approach to work — everyone in the team has a passion for doing great work and pays attention to the details, but it’s never at the expense of sacrificing work-life balance.

“We also want to live our life. That means working during normal business hours, maintaining a calm work environment, minimizing distractions, and respecting everyone's time. We've found most things in business just aren't that urgent.”

Learn about Memberful, Memberful’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Memberful.

Memberstack website screenshot


Memberstack is a fully embedded user logins and payments platform for online businesses. They help web developers add auth and payments into their projects through one simple API, so they can focus on what matters most.

Founded in 2018, Memberstack is growing rapidly, driven largely by the no-code movement and Webflow. They’re a fully remote team and are hiring anywhere with an overlap in North America.

“Join our team from all over the world to help enable developers and designers to build scalable apps faster.”

Learn about Memberstack, Memberstack’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Memberstack.

Mimo website screenshot


“We have a remote-first mentality. To work efficiently, we communicate often and don't assume, but ask.”

Mimo is an online learning app teaching thousands of people worldwide to code. We believe that coding can open doors to opportunities like few other skills and Mimo makes this accessible, fun, and easy to learn.

With a relatively small team of ~35, Mimo’s app has been downloaded over 10 million times! They’re also proudly 100% remote and of their “great work/life balance with flexible hours”. The team is mainly distributed around Europe where they sponsor team retreats, and they offer a relocation package to help new employees move and get visas in Europe (if they want to).

Learn about Mimo, Mimo’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Mimo.

Modern Tribe website screenshot

Modern Tribe

“Modern Tribe is a completely remote team dedicated to quality—in our products, in our relationships, and in our lives.”

Modern Tribe is a rapidly growing digital agency. They work with some of the world’s top companies, higher education institutions, and governments, specializing in apps, large-scale WordPress projects, and custom software.

The Modern Tribe team is 75+ strong and 100% remote, spread across 12 countries but mainly North America, Latin America, and Europe.

“Since Modern Tribe isn’t bound to a physical location, we’re able to hire top talent from across the globe. And our work is shaped by the unique vision and experiences these folks bring to our team.”

Learn about Modern Tribe, Modern Tribe’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Modern Tribe.

MoveOn website screenshot


“MoveOn staff live all around the country. This is not an accident. It started as an experiment in the “virtual office,” and it has proven an important part of our success.”

MoveOn is a non-profit political change organization founded in 1998. Today, they are the largest independent, progressive, digitally-connected organizing group in the United States.

Their 100% remote team is made up of ~150 full-time employees, as well as a vibrant online community of millions of people throughout the U.S. working together towards making effective and positive change in the world.

“We don’t care where in the country you work; we care about the work you’re doing.”

Learn about MoveOn, MoveOn’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at MoveOn.

Notarize website screenshot


Notarize is a platform that allows any person or business to legally notarize a document online. Founded in 2015, they were the first online notary service, making an annoying and complicated process simple and cheap.

Today, they employ 400+ people as a 100% remote company and are growing fast. Forbes recently touted them as the next billion dollar startup. They’re hiring for many remote positions and offer 12 weeks of paid parental leave, professional development allowances, and wellness programs.

“As a remote-first company, you can work from anywhere in the U.S. – your apartment, a summer rental, and anywhere in between.”

Learn about Notarize, Notarize’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Notarize.

Octane AI website screenshot

Octane AI

“Our globally located, fully remote team works together to help ecommerce brands succeed.”

Octane AI is a Facebook Messenger & SMS platform for Shopify sellers, helping them engage users and boost conversions.

As a fully remote team, their 40+ employees are distributed all over the world. They offer some great benefits as well, including unlimited paid time off, 401k matching, home office and wellness allowances, and helpcare benefits. They even pay new employees extra to take their first week off!

Learn about Octane AI, Octane AI’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Octane AI.

Olark website screenshot


Olark is an easy-to-use live chat software that lets businesses talk to customers on their websites. They use real-time visitor information like login name, geographic location, purchase history, and cart contents to help personalize interactions and increase conversions.

We admire Olark because live chat software is hyper-competitive, and Olark is 100% bootstrapped, 100% remote, and profitable. The entire founding team is made up of second-time entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2009, Olark is used by more than 11,000 businesses worldwide, and their team has grown from four friends in Palo Alto to a fully remote team that spans multiple time zones.

Learn about Olark, Olark’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Olark.

OnTheGoSystems website screenshot


“We believe that people, not products, make the difference.”

OnTheGoSystems develop WordPress plugins, WPML, and Toolsets that make it easier and quicker for users to build a professional website without complex coding. WPML is the world’s most popular multilingual plugin, helping more than 700k websites translate their content.

The people that make of OnTheGoSystems are 90 fully remote team members from 6 continents, 39 countries, and 67 cities. We love their philosophy on focusing on work-life balance — they make sure their team gets plenty of uninterrupted downtime by planning projects sensibly to avoid unnecessary panic, stress, or workloads.

“Everyone here at OnTheGoSystems works remotely. This could be your home or whatever works for you. Anywhere that allows you to be productive, connected and focused works for us.”

Learn about OnTheGoSystems, OnTheGoSystems’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at OnTheGoSystems.

Overleaf website screenshot


Overleaf is a collaborative writing and publishing system that makes the whole process of producing academic papers faster and more transparent for both authors and publishers. Like Google Docs for Science.

Founded in 2012 in London, Overleaf is a fully remote team of 40+ and now has over 8 million users worldwide. They’ve successfully brought the sluggish scientific process into one place in the cloud, from idea to writing to review to publication. It’s hard to overstate the impact this can have on progress.

Learn about Overleaf, Overleaf’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Overleaf.

Oyster HR

Oyster HR helps you manage HR and payroll, and automate compliance across 180+ countries–all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Their mission is to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere. They imagine a world where every person is empowered to pursue their passion. Where every company is capable of connecting with the world’s top talent. And where every corner of society has the potential to prosper. Every day, their team builds software, creates resources, and engages with our community to help make that world a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Learn more about Oyster HR, Oyster HR's tech stack, Oyster HR employee benefits, or find remote jobs at Oyster HR.

Particular Software website screenshot

Particular Software

“Geographical boundaries do not matter to us. Work from anywhere in the world, from your home or the nearest coffee shop around the corner, or just about anywhere you can connect to the internet.”

Particular Software is a software development consultancy and platform. Developers today are tasked with building larger systems than ever before and Particular Software helps teams scale and build faster and more efficiently.

Particular Software is a fully remote team of 35+ spread all across the world. They’re big fans of autonomy and asynchronous work, stating in their company culture “we encourage you to work the hours that suit you best and to balance your outside life and interests. We trust you will get your work done.”

“Remote allows us to hire super-smart people, who thrive in an online, collaborative environment. We trust you will get your work done, and you can do it while you are in your prime. In fact, trusting our staff is what makes working here so exciting. You are in control of managing your career.”

Learn about Particular Software, Particular Software’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Particular Software.

PartnerCentric website screenshot


PartnerCentric is the world’s largest affiliate marketing agency with Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification. They’re also 100% remote!

Their 50+ team is spread across the world and they leverage this to cultivate relationships with clients over any distance to develop strong partnerships, regardless of timezone.

“Our remote family-focused organization (since 2006, so before it was cool) has spent over a dozen years perfecting the processes to work seamlessly from anywhere, long before and AFTER it’s a trend.”

Learn about PartnerCentric, PartnerCentric’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at PartnerCentric.

Podia website screenshot


“We’re a fully-remote company, we've been around for a few years, have helped creators earn millions, and we’re growing fast…”

Podia is a creator-friendly platform that helps people sell online courses, webinars, memberships, and digital downloads.

Launched in 2014, Podia has helped more than 50,000 creative entrepreneurs to make a living doing what they love. They’ve grown to a team of 20+ permanent remote workers.

“No matter who you are, how old you are, what race or gender you are, or what country you call home, if you’re a Creator, we’re working for you.”

Learn about Podia, Podia’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Podia.

Postscript website screenshot


Postscript is a powerful, easy-to-use SMS platform for Shopify stores. Their tool is used by thousands of business owners to create campaigns and automations and to drive new revenue.

Founded in 2018, Postscript is growing fast, and hiring across their org. As a fully remote company from day 1, they’re “striving to build the greatest remote organization in the world.”

“At Postscript, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity. We firmly believe that companies diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and perspective are better because of it. However, even beyond that belief, we simply want to strive for what's right.”

— Alex Beller, Co-Founder Postscript

Learn about Postscript, Postscript’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Postscript.

Prezly website screenshot


Prezly is an all-in-one public relations tool, helping companies manage your, publish news, and pitch stories from one place. As Prezly put it, “Good stories, told well to the right people, can spark positive change in the world.”

Prezly is a profitable, bootstrapped company and fully remote. Their 20+ team is spread across 15 different cities around the world.

“Everyone at Prezly is free to live and work wherever they want.”

Learn about Prezly, Prezly’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Prezly.

ReCharge website screenshot


ReCharge is a payments subscription service that powers billions of dollars in annual processing for nearly 30 million consumers. Since launching in 2014, ReCharge has been on a mission to “create a world where payments are frictionless” and has helped over 15,000 merchants launch and scale subscription businesses.

Named one of Forbes Top 100 remote companies, ReCharge is a fully remote company with 400+ employees all around the world. They offer competitive compensation, unlimited time off, healthcare, remote/life/wellness stipends, 16 weeks paid parental leave, and team and company retreats.

“Recharge has been a remote-first company from our start in 2014. Working remotely enables our team members to have more control, gain autonomy, and achieve balance in their lives.”

Learn about Recharge, Recharge’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Recharge.

Remote website screenshot


“Remote is a global company, we do not have an office anywhere in the world. We are also not a corporate or traditional company whatsoever, we are a modern tech and product tech company with a people first approach.”

Remote was founded in 2019 by Job van der Voort and Marcelo Lebre to simplify how companies employ global talent. Remote is one of the truly great companies today that is accelerating remote work and opening up the vast potential of the world to everyone, regardless of their geographical location.

Their public handbook is a great resource to dive into. In addition to being a fully remote company, Remote offers benefits to help their 600+ distributed team grow with the company and live a full life, including unlimited time off, learning budgets, remote and home office budgets, and flexible work hours. As their handbook states, “Remote is built on a culture of trust, so you are trusted to manage your own working hours.”

“Our entire team works remotely in countries around the world. We don’t have any offices because we believe that people do their best work when they are free to work where they choose.”

Learn about Remote, Remote’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Remote.

rtCamp website screenshot


“We’re a 100% distributed company, with a team spanning 5 countries. We work asynchronously.”

rtCamp started as a blog network in the mid 2000’s, and has now grown into one of the top global design & development agencies in the world, specializing in WordPress development.

They’re a fully remote and open source company and have 100+ employees spread across 5 countries.

Learn about rtCamp, rtCamp’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at rtCamp.

SafetyWing website screenshot


SafetyWing is building the first global safety net for remote companies, remote workers, and nomads worldwide. They’re doing this by launching a fleet of global products — Remote Health insurance, Remote Doctor, Remote Pensions, and more.

Founded in 2017, SafetyWing is are built and designed by a fully remote team of 50+ nomads distributed across three continents. They’re growing fast and usually hiring across several remote positions.

“People who are location independent fall between the cracks, without proper access to insurance or national safety nets. We know this because we are nomads ourselves.”

Learn about SafetyWing, SafetyWing’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at SafetyWing.

SALT website screenshot


SALT is a crypto-backed lending platform where individuals and businesses can secure a fiat or stablecoin loan without having to worry about credit checks. Their mission is to “build products that increase access to financial opportunities and give people more control over their ability to generate wealth long term”.

Founded in 2016, SALT has grown to an all remote team of 50+. As cryptocurrency becomes more widely adopted and additional real-world assets become tokenized, they’re growing fast. They offer a flexible work schedule, healthcare, and remote home office stipends.

Learn about SALT, SALT’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at SALT.

Semaphore website screenshot


Semaphore is a fast and powerful continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform. According to Semaphone, for every $1 invested in Semaphore, engineers gain $41 in reclaimed productivity.

Originally founded in 2011 by two developers, Semaphore is now used in 100+ countries by over 300,000 developers. Their ongoing mission is to “help teams ship their software faster and with more confidence by providing a robust and scalable platform for software delivery.”

We love Semaphone because they’ve been a fully remote company and a small team of ~25 smart, creative people who obviously love their craft and care about the quality and speed of what they’re building.

“Having embraced the principles of remote work, we are a 100% remote team working from diverse countries.”

Learn about Semaphore, Semaphore’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Semaphore.

SimpleTexting website screenshot


SimpleTexting makes it easy, fast, and affordable to send SMS marketing campaigns or engage in 1-on-1 conversations with customers. Their platform is used by thousands of businesses worldwide, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

They’re a team of 60+ fully remote engineers, writers, designers, and support experts and are growing fast.

“Our team is fully remote. We believe in hiring the best people—wherever they are—then keeping them around.”

Learn about SimpleTexting, SimpleTexting’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at SimpleTexting.

Shogun website screenshot


“We're an inclusive, remote, diverse, and globally distributed team. And we’re hiring!”

Shogun is an ecommerce experience platform helping companies to drive higher conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty. They integrate with Shopify and BigCommerce and are relied upon by 18,000 customers.

Shogun leans on their fully remote, globally distributed team to offer their customers 24/7 support. With 150+ team members, Shogun has been intentionally building a remote company from the very start, encouraging their team to:

“Do your best work from a place that’s productive for you, and stay connected with your team — that’s all that matters. We’re about work and life, balanced.”

Learn about Shogun, Shogun’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Shogun.

Skillcrush website screenshot


Skillcrush is an interactive online learning community for creatives, thinkers, and makers. We love Skillcrush because they’re empowering people all over the world to develop the skills to find a more lucrative and fulfilling remote job, regardless of their economic means or location.

As Skillcrush states:

“We believe that technology doesn’t have to be so hard—and that tech is a tool that anyone can use. Our goal is to improve our students’ quality of life through digital empowerment and skills to enter high-earning and flexible careers.”

Founded in 2012, Skillcrush has grown to 50+ fully remote employees that speak 7 languages.

“Skillcrush has always been a fully remote company, and we welcome applicants from all over the world.”

Learn about Skillcrush, Skillcrush’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Skillcrush.

Skillshare website screenshot


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.

Founded in 2010, Skillshare has grown to 500+ employees and is a fully remote company. They’re massive advocates for flexibility and work-life balance, putting their people first and offering great benefits such as equity, 14 weeks parental leave, monthly remote, home office, and wellness stipends, as well as learning and development budgets.

“Our collaborative culture goes far beyond our online community. It’s a real part of the humans-first way we work as a team. We believe the work we do makes a difference in the lives of our members, and our mission extends to ensuring our own team members live balanced, fulfilling lives. That means different things for everyone, but it begins with a workplace that embraces modern flexibility, inclusivity and transparency.”

Learn about Skillshare, Skillshare’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Skillshare.

Sketch website screenshot


Sketch is a digital design and prototyping tool used by over a million people from freelancers to the world’s most successful product team.

Sketch was started back in 2010 when co-founders, Pieter Omvlee and Emanuel Sá, believed designers deserved a better set of tools than what was already on the market (notably, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator).

They’ve been a fully remote team since day one, with 150+ employees spread across 36 countries. They’re proud of the fact that they have never had an office.

“As a company, we’ve been fully remote since day one. It’s meant we can bring together the best people from around the world to work in a way that makes sense to everyone.”

Learn about Sketch, Sketch’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Sketch. website screenshot

“We're remote-first with Smile employees all over the world!”

Smile builds loyalty infrastructure for the internet, helping small businesses around the world grow sustainably by turning one-time sales into repeat customers. Over 80,000 brands use Smile already to increase revenue and turn buyers into passionate brand advocates.

Smile started in 2012 in Kitchener, Canada, and has grown into a fully remote team of 60+. They offer great benefits, including remote work and home office credits, flexible work options, equity, healthcare, and monthly eCommerce credits.

Learn about,’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at

Skyscrapers website screenshot


“We are a 100% remote company built on the foundations of self-management and transparency.”

Skyscrapers offers scalable services and reference solutions for companies looking to launch or innovate their SaaS. They help startups and companies speed up their release processes build faster, more scalable products.

Started in Antwerp in 2013, Skyscrapers is proudly async-first and has been 100% remote from day one. They see remote work as a talent advantage, stating “​​our geographically distributed way of working ensures we can find the right people for the job.”

“You work from the location where you work best: home, coworking space or maybe even a more exotic remote location for a while. We sync up through various tools like Slack, Zoom video calls, GitHub, etc.”

Learn about Skyscrapers, Skyscrapers’ tech stack, or find remote jobs at Skyscrapers.

SkyVerge website screenshot


“We’re a 100% remote company. Remote isn’t this “fad” we tried — it’s in our DNA. We believe in flexible work hours, and working anywhere you have internet access.”

Skyverge designs and develops tools for eCommerce stores. They’ve built over 60 WooCommerce integrations, 6 Shopify apps, and custom eCommerce solutions, working directly with 100,000+ stores.

They’re proudly 100% remote since founded in 2013, and are a small team of designers and developers spread across the world that value work-life balance and flexibility.

“We measure success in outcomes, not in hours you spend at a desk. Our team cares about work-life balance, growing personally, executing professionally, and never taking ourselves too seriously.”

Learn about SkyVerge, SkyVerge’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at SkyVerge.

Sourcegraph website screenshot


“Sourcegraph is an all-remote company, working asynchronously across time zones and continents.”

Sourcegraph is a software development tool to find and fix things across code. Companies of all shapes and sizes use Sourcegraph every day to build software you rely on.

One thing we love about Sourcegraph is their commitment to remote work and transparency. They even wrote a public handbook to help their 200+ remote employees work best. They truly value asynchronous work and have a dedicated page on how they work efficiently across multiple timezones. We nerd out on this stuff.

Learn about Sourcegraph, Sourcegraph’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Sourcegraph.

Spline website screenshot


Spline ( is an exciting new design startup founded by Alejandro Leon in 2020. They are building a design tool to create 3d content for the web.

3D design is traditionally a complicated process, but Spline is making it easy to build and iterate fast with production-ready results.

Naturally, Spline are a remote company and are growing fast.

We are passionate about building visual tools and solving creative challenges.

Learn about Spline, Spline’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Spline.

Springworks website screenshot


Springworks is a Bangalore and Santa Monica-based HR technology building tools to simplify recruiting and help organizations retain their employees. The team announced they were committing to 100% remote in May 2020.

"We offer perks to our team to set up their very own home office and dedicate a learning & development budget for everyone so that we always strive to learn more!"

Learn about Springworks, Springworks' tech stack, or find remote jobs at Springworks.

Sticker Mule website screenshot

Sticker Mule

“Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and 17 countries, but we’re all united by a shared set of values.”

Sticker Mule is an online custom printed products store. They turn your logo, artwork, photos designs, and illustrations into custom products — custom stickers, magnets, buttons, labels, packaging, charms, coasters, and wall art.

One thing that you wouldn’t expect from a company selling physical products is that they’d be 100% remote. Sticker Mule is a fully distributed team of 150+ spread across 17 countries and they support shipping worldwide to 70+ countries.

“Our team works extraordinarily well together because we share a similar perspective on work. We might come from all over the world, but we all tend to be humble, independent, logical, thoughtful and autodidactic. We try to hire other people that have these characteristics too.”

Learn about Sticker Mule, Sticker Mule’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Sticker Mule.

Superlist website screenshot


Superlist are “building the productivity tool of the future: for teams and individuals alike.” While they haven’t officially launched just yet and it’s not clear what Superlist will do, it’s made by the team behind Wunderlist which we’re excited about:

They’re a fully remote team of roughly 15 now, but it looks like they’re scaling up for launch and hiring more remote positions, offering competitive compensation and equity, a parent-friendly company culture, full healthcare, work-life balance, and top-of-the-line equipment.

“We're a team of highly motivated people that came together to challenge how collaboration and team management software works. Our team is a remote-first, international, and experienced group of individuals. We value self-organization and taking over responsibilities and new challenges.”

Learn about Superlist, Superlist’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Superlist.

Superside website screenshot


Superside is a fully remote tech-enabled design company targeting the very best designers and project managers from top-tier agencies anywhere in the world. They’re on a mission to “create more equal economic opportunities globally by finding and growing the world’s best creative talent.”

Trusted by 300+ businesses including Facebook, PUMA, Amazon, Shopify, Kiva and more, Superside is proudly 100% remote, with over 400 employees in over 50 countries.

“Superside was founded with the vision to pioneer the future of work, and we've been fully remote since day 1. We've grown the team without any geographical or cultural boundaries, and built a remote-first business in absolutely all aspects.”

Learn about Superside, Superside’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Superside.

Tesorio website screenshot


Tesorio is the world’s first cash flow performance platform. Poor cash flow management is one of the most common reason businesses fail, so Tesorio are solving this by helping companies and finance teams to optimize revenue using AI to better predict and manage cash.

They’re a fully remote team and offer some great remote benefits, including stock options, team events, healthcare, and health and wellness stipends.

“We’re a distributed team of data scientists, developers, and finance geeks who all love to make products that are easy to use and backed by cutting edge machine learning.”

Learn about Tesorio, Tesorio’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Tesorio.

Time Doctor website screenshot

Time Doctor

“We love working remotely! We have flexible work hours but we also make sure to be available to communicate with the rest of the team when needed.”

Founders Rob Rawson and Liam Martin built the Time Doctor software in 2012. It was initially built out of their own need to work effectively with a remote team and to make sure there is trust and high levels of productivity in a remote team.

Since then, they’ve grown to over 85 remote employees across 30+ countries. Thousands of businesses use Time Doctor every day to reduce wasted time and increase productive time.

“Time Doctor is proud to be a 100% remote, completely distributed team with staff in over 30 countries. Remote work advocacy is at the core of everything we do. We believe that working from home is as productive as working from an office.”

Learn about Time Doctor, Time Doctor’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Time Doctor.

Toggl website screenshot


“Make cool stuff. From anywhere.”

Toggl is a leading online time tracking tool, focused on simplicity. Toggl was created out of necessity in the early 2000s by co-founders at a software consultancy in Estonia. It’s created for teams, by teams who understand what you need to work.

Toggl has been proudly fully remote since 2014, with “Togglers” working from more than 40 countries across the world. They offer great benefits, including remote work budgets to set up your home office, and monthly allowances for health and wellness.

“Toggl is proudly a fully remote company. We believe that with a global team comes a whole world of creativity.”

Learn about Toggl, Toggl’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Toggl.

Toptal website screenshot


“No offices, no useless meetings, no mandatory hours. You’re recognized for what you do, not your time in a chair.”

Toptal is a global network of the top talent in business, design, and technology. Their tagline is “The World's Top Talent, On Demand” and they enable companies to scale their teams quickly and efficiently with freelancers, without the hassles of hiring full-time employees.

Toptal are growing fast — with over 2,000% year-over-year growth and $200+ million in annual revenue. Their network made Toptal the largest fully remote company in the world in 2020. Currently, their core team consists of over remote team members in 70+ countries.

“Work wherever, on your terms. Being a fully-remote company means that all you need is wifi and a laptop. You can work from home, your favorite cafe, or even a charming villa halfway around the world.”

Learn about Toptal, Toptal’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Toptal.

Tower website screenshot


Tower is a powerful Git client for macOS and Windows used by over 100,000 developers and designers to be more productive.

As a fully remote team, they're passionate about remote work and flexibility. One of the great benefits they provide is they allow people to choose whether they want to work a 4-day week. Employees are encouraged to pursue a life beyond work and most of the team have kids.

Learn about Tower, Tower’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Tower.

Tucows website screenshot


“We're remote first. Our team is in 17 countries and counting…”

Tucows is a Canadian software company and the second-largest domain registrar in the world by volume. They do a lot but at their core, they’re in the business of keeping people connected and keeping the Internet open.

They were founded in 1993 and are proudly a 100% remote company, offering flexible work options, autonomy, parental leave, healthcare, and wellness benefits for their 500+ distributed team. As one of their team puts it:

“Flexibility, autonomy, incredible, kind, smart colleagues. True focus on wellbeing."

Learn about Tucows, Tucows’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Tucows.

Uscreen website screenshot


Uscreen is the world’s leading video monetization platform. They help thousands of creators, entrepreneurs, fitness trainers, coaches, entertainment companies, and various other experts launch their own video-on-demand streaming service and make money selling videos online.  Think of it as building your own “Netflix”.

Bootstrapped since 2014, Uscreen is a fully remote company, with their 120+ team members distributed across 70+ countries. To date, they’ve helped 11,000+ video creators build 8.5+ million subscribers.

“Work from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection and a productive workspace.”

Learn about Uscreen, Uscreen’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Uscreen.

Upwork website screenshot


Upwork is one of the world’s largest distributed online talent marketplaces. With matching technology, startups to Fortune 500 companies have access to a global pool of proven professionals so they can scale quickly and dynamically. Think of Upwork as a huge marketplace of high-quality freelancers.

Upwork began over two decades ago by pioneering a better way of working and has been remote from day one. Their mission is to “create economic opportunities so people have better lives.” Their huge remote workforce benefits from unlimited PTO, health insurance, and remote and wellness allowances.

“As a remote-first company, we understand that just because your workstation is at home doesn't mean you're always on-call to work. Our leaders encourage employees to take their PTO and to set schedule boundaries.”

Learn about Upwork, Upwork’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Upwork.

VidIQ website screenshot


vidIQ is the first YouTube audience development and management suite that helps brands and agencies grow their views and subscribers. They’ve helped millions of creators since launching in 2012, and growing fast.

“Our company has met the future of work head on, with a fully remote company that allows you flexible hours to balance work & life. schedule for you. When it’s time to go on vacation, we have an unlimited vacation policy so you can recharge.”

Learn about VidIQ, VidIQ’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at VidIQ.

Whimsical website screenshot


"We are a 100% remote team spread from California to Latvia. Remote work to us is more than just a way of doing things, it’s our cause because it democratizes the opportunities for people everywhere."

Whimsical is a collaboration tool designed to be a "unified workspace for thinking and collaboration". It's a powerful platform with Flowcharts, Wireframes, Mind Maps, Sticky Notes, and Docs.

Founded in 2017 in Denver, Colorado, Whimsical is a small fully remote team and growing fast, but they care deeply about doing things the right way. We love their philosophy on building with a "long-term focus":

"We're building Whimsical for the long-haul, not a quick exit. We avoid shortcuts and consider every key decision from a 10+ year perspective."

Learn about Whimsical, Whimsical’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Whimsical.

Webiny website screenshot


Webiny is an open-source platform that provides you with developer tools, libraries, ready-made apps and processes specifically created for serverless development. Serverless is the core focus of Webiny — a relatively new approach to building and architecting applications that Webiny believes is “going to be the standard of how all apps are built in the near future”.

Webiny are a small, fully remote team of developers but are growing. They offer equity, competitive salaries, and remote and home office stipends.

“We are a remote team, you can work from home or any other location you choose. All you need is an internet connection.”

Learn about Webiny, Webiny’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Webiny.

X-Team website screenshot


X-Team is a software consultancy company founded in Melbourne, Australia, that helps companies scale their development teams by providing them with motivated teams of developers from around the world.

Since 2006, X-Team has grown to a community of 60+ developers from 60+ countries working with companies including Riot Games, Coinbase, Google, Sony, Twitter, and more. They’re proud to be fully remote and have fostered a unique, active lifestyle and culture around learning, growing, and exploring that continues to attract thousands of developers to apply every day. All of this has resulted in a 98% voluntary retention rate among X-Team’s engineers, a statistic unheard of in any market.

Learn about X-Team, X-Team’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at X-Team.

Ycode website screenshot


Ycode is an intuitively designed new visual programming tool that empowers you to build and host advanced web apps without writing any code or hiring developers. Think of it as a no-code web builder. They’re also the team behind The Remote Company, so it makes sense that they’re 100% remote!

Founded in 2019, Ycode is a small close-knit team of 15 creators spread all around the world.

Learn about Ycode, Ycode’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Ycode.

You Need A Budget website screenshot

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

“Proximity doesn’t influence productivity so we all work remotely.”

You Need A Budget is a popular budgeting app that has been helping thousands of people get their finances under control with tools to create and stick to a realistic budget. YNAB connects directly to bank accounts and does all the heavy lifting for you.

You Need A Budget is a fully remote company with 100+ employees distributed globally. They offer some generous perks and benefits, including a minimum vacation of 25 days, bi-annual company retreats, remote work stipends, healthcare, and 401k matching up to 6%!

“We live all over the world—from Boston to Brazil and Portland to Pakistan and everything in between. As long as there’s a reliable internet connection, you’re good to travel or live wherever you’d like.”

Learn about You Need A Budget, You Need A Budget’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at You Need A Budget.

Zapier website screenshot


“We're a 100% distributed team living and working all over the world to help you automate the most tedious parts of your day to day job.”

Zapier is on a mission to make automation incredibly easy and accessible to everyone at work. With Zapier, you can integrate apps like Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox, to move data between them automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. The amount of time and productivity gains this can free up are limitless.

They’re one of the largest fully remote companies in the world, with 400+ employees spread over 30 countries. They know what they’re doing and write great guides on how to get the most out of remote work. Check out Zapier’s Ultimate Guide to Remote Work. In fact, 1 in 10 of their employees said they applied to Zapier because of what they read.

“It's a better way to work. It allows us to hire smart people no matter where in the world, and it gives those people hours back in their day to spend with friends and family. We save money on office space and all the hassles that comes with that. A lot of people are more productive in remote setting, though it does require some more discipline too.”

— Wade Foster, CEO and co-founder, Zapier

Zapier also offers some great benefits, including unlimited vacation, great healthcare, 401k matching at 4%, profit sharing, bi-annual company retreats, and 14 weeks paid parental leave.

“Spread across 17 time zones in 28 countries, we sign into Slack and open up our work tools on the schedule that fits our lives best. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work.”

Learn about Zapier, Zapier’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Zapier.

Zyte website screenshot


“We’ve always done things differently, and we embraced the benefits of remote working long before the current pandemic.”

Zyte (formerly known as Scrapinghub) is a powerful data and web scraping tool used by thousands of companies to access and organize data. They’re on a mission to “enable our customers to extract the data they need to continue to innovate and grow their businesses.”

They’re proudly 100% remote, with 190+ employees in 30+ countries and growing. One cool initiative they do is they make a charitable donation for the time applicants spend in interviews or technical trials.

Learn about Zyte, Zyte’s tech stack, or find remote jobs at Zyte.


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