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About us

We believe that sustainable growth is possible for every small business.

By providing easy-to-use loyalty programs that help brands transform one-time sales into repeat customers, Smile is laying the groundwork for sustainably growing business across the digital commerce ecosystem.

Over 25,000 brands use Smile already to maximize their acquisition efforts and turn transactional purchases into passionate brand advocates.

Join us in our mission to create the most sustainably growing businesses in the world

Help create sustainable growth for every small business

Smile builds loyalty infrastructure for the internet. We’re helping small businesses around the world grow sustainably so they can lead more passionate lives. And we’d like your help.

Our Culture

Our culture is built on the fundamental ways we work together. To succeed at Smile, you need to live all three of these values, demonstrating your commitment to the team.

  • HUMBLE: Think of the team before thinking of yourself. Run with the best ideas regardless of their source. Seek feedback on your work.
  • HUNGRY: Have goals and build plans to achieve them. Ask questions and seek understanding. Learn every day.
  • HUMAN: Show empathy. Be respectful. Consider your impact on others.

Perks and Benefits

  • BENEFITS: Attractive wellness package that includes prescriptions, dental, massage, and more.
  • ECOMMERCE CREDIT: Monthly credit to spend at any of the 20,000+ stores we power.
  • STOCK OPTIONS: Be invested in the growth of Smile, and benefit from your hard work.
  • AMAZING OFFICE SPACE: Private and collaborative working spaces, and standing desks!
  • VACATION: A refreshed you is a happy you! We make sure you have time to enjoy yourself.
  • FLEXIBILITY: We're remote friendly and trust you to set your own schedule.

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