Current as of May 23, 2024

Remote Jobs API Feed

Use our public API to get the latest remote jobs from Himalayas.

Fill your remote job board with listings from Himalayas

Our public API can be used to backfill other remote job boards.

Anyone can use the interface, but please link back to the URL found on Himalayas AND mention Himalayas as the original source. Please do not submit Himalayas jobs to third-party websites, including but not limited to Jooble, Neuvoo, Google Jobs, or LinkedIn Jobs.

Himalayas API

API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format.

You can find our public API with all of our jobs here:

What format is your API

Our API is in JSON sorted by most recent to least recent.

What fields are supplied in your API?

We supply the following fields in our API:

  • title: Job title
  • excerpt: First few sentences of the job description
  • companyName: Name of the company that is hiring
  • companyLogo: Link to the company's logo
  • locationRestrictions (optional, array): Country where candidates must be located, there can be more than one
  • timezoneRestriction (optional, array): Time zone (UTC) where candidates must be located, there can be more than one
  • category (array): Job category, there can be more than one
  • parentCategories (array): Job parent categories, there can be more than one
  • description: The full HTML of the job description
  • pubDate: Timestamp of when the job was published
  • expiryDate: Timestamp of when the job will expire
  • applicationLink: Link to apply for the position
  • guid: Unique identifier for the job

What options are supplied in your API?

We supply the following options in our API:

  • offset: the number of jobs to skip
  • limit: the number of jobs to retrieve (max 200)

For example, will skip the first 10 jobs, and provide a JSON list of the following 100 jobs.

What are the maximum number of records returned per request

To keep the response small, we return a maximum of 200 records per request. Use the 'offset' option to obtain records beyond the first 200 records.

Is there a maximum number of requests?

Due to server capacity constraints, we ratelimit the number of requests that can be made to our API within a certain time period. This ensures that our service remains available and responsive for all users. If you exceed the allowed number of requests, you may receive a 429 error message.

If you have a special reason to require a higher number of requests, or if you need help optimizing your API calls to reduce the number of requests required, please contact us. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs and help you get the most out of our API.

What is the difference between your API and your RSS feed?

Aside from the different formats, our API contains a list of all of our current jobs, whereas our RSS feed only shows the 100 most recent jobs.

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