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Join us and together let's make a difference.

What you do every single day matters. Be Particular.

Our Story

At Particular Software, it's not just about writing software and building great products. It’s about improving the lives of the developers who drive this industry. CEO and founder, Udi Dahan, sets the tone for challenging ourselves to craft the best product, provide the best customer service, and build the most agile and effective organizational structure. We ARE Particular.

Our Technology

Our core products are built with C#, with a smattering of WPF and JavaScript single-page applications mixed in. But, this is only the beginning of the story.

As a fully dispersed company, we live and breathe GitHub and Slack. As a developer-focused company, we are ruthless about automation - we use TeamCity and Octopus Deploy - we build and maintain our own friendly bot to take the truly boring tasks off our hands. As a messaging company, we have the opportunity to use MSMQ, SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, NHibernate, RavenDB, and a host of different IoC containers. Azure Service Fabric and Roslyn loom on the horizon.

We are all about empowerment. Each one of us can lead the way and help determine the direction. The technology we are using in the future could very well be up to you

Why work at Particular

Geographical boundaries do not matter to us. Work from anywhere in the world, from your home or the nearest coffee shop around the corner, or just about anywhere you can connect to the internet. This allows us to hire super-smart people, who thrive in an online, collaborative environment. We trust you will get your work done, and you can do it while you are at your prime. In fact, trusting our staff is what makes working here so exciting. You are in control of managing your career

We'll keep you updated when the best new remote jobs pop up.

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