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One universal tool to learn, find, and fix across all the code you care about.

About Sourcegraph

One universal tool to learn, find, and fix across all the code you care about. Any host, any repo, any language.

Sourcegraph is the one tool to find and fix things across all your code. Companies of all shapes and sizes use Sourcegraph every day to build software you rely on. Works across any code host, any repo, any language.

Code navigation and code exploration improve developer productivity, contextual code intelligence enables better code reviews and onboarding for new hires, and code change campaigns automate large-scale changes.

Sourcegraph Universal Code Search lets developers focus on solving problems, not struggle to find code, while managing rapidly changing and complex codebases.

About Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph builds universal code search for every developer and company so they can innovate faster. We help developers and companies with billions of lines of code create the software you use every day.

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The Sourcegraph handbook has everything from our high-level strategyproduct direction, and values, to documentation of business processes including messaging and engineering principles. It's public for everyone to read because we are open and transparent.

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Sourcegraph is an all-remote company, working asynchronously across time zones and continents. Meet our team members and learn about our commitment to inclusion.

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Learn about the technology and tools that Sourcegraph uses.

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Sourcegraph is hiring Product Manager - Growth, Enterprise Account Executive, and more.

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