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At Doist, we specialize in productivity software. We create tools that simplify and organize the workday. It's a modest goal, but an important one. When software tames the chaos and streamlines the little things, it frees you to focus on the big things. Things that amaze. Things that inspire. Things that change the world.

We're a productive, virtual team that makes productivity tools. We are designers, engineers, and communicators united by a common goal, not a common location.

We understand the tools our customers need to succeed in today's workplace, because we need them, too. We build them, share them, and use them to power new ideas, new improvements, and new ways of working.

It's how we've accomplished amazing things, and it's how we help our customers do the same.

Doist's mission is to help people do more each day so they can make the most of their potential.

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Benefits and perks

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Home office budget

Hardware + subscriptions

Every Doister has access to a recurring budget to spend on work-related equipment. You’ll also have a monthly budget to spend on services that help you do your job: home internet, work apps, music subscription, etc.

Wellness benefits

Invest in your health and wellness

Take care of yourself with a monthly budget for things like a gym membership, healthy snacks, massages, health insurance, etc.

Paid parental leave

Spend time with your new baby

New parents receive 5 weeks of paid parental leave in addition to 13 weeks of paid pregnancy-related medical leave.

Generous vacation

Recharge with generous time off

Doisters get 8 weeks (40 days) of PTO per year to use as they wish on vacations and national holidays.

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View all employee benefits

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Doist is hiring Head of Apple.

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