About Kona

Our mission is to make it mainstream to be a good person at work.

Our story

Our founding team bonded over terrible experiences with remote work. A terrible manager. A failed startup. A summer of burnout.

We knew work could be better, healthier, and happier. So we turned to experts to learn what makes remote work hard. We've interviewed 800+ leaders since January 2020.

Their pain was loud and clear. Remote teams are built on trust. But it’s difficult to build relationships and understand how everyone feels without meeting face-to-face.

We built Kona to help remote workers fight burnout and build connections without changing how they work. We empower leaders to support their teams where they need it most.‍

To us, empathy and wellbeing at work aren't just an add-on. They're a must-have.

Today, Kona is trusted by hundreds of people-first remote teams around the globe.

Join our value-based culture.

Transparency & Trust

We always default to transparency, everyone has visibility into every aspect of the business. You’ll have the reins on your role — we value independence and avoid micromanaging.
Trust does not have to be earned.

People > Customers > Company

Kona is only as strong as the team is, and meaningless without the overall wellbeing of everyone. We prioritize authenticity and showing up as your whole self. And it’s okay to not be okay — we see vulnerability as a strength.

Intellectual Honesty

When in doubt, restart with the basics. We avoid buzzwords and ensure we don’t get carried away in Silicon Valley hype. True psychological safety means everyone is comfortable with healthy debate, pushback, and sharing diverse perspectives.

Optimize for Learning

We know that growth comes from making good mistakes. We’re relentlessly curious—we celebrate learnings over outcomes and welcome failure as a team. We always experiment, avoid excessive perfectionism, and keep it simple, stupid.

Tech stack

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Benefits and perks

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Fully-Paid Retreats

We may be remote, but we have a blast together. Our last one was in SF!



We support learning, whether it's a conference or book or advisor.

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Minimum PTO Policy

We require a minimum of 15 PTO days in addition to holidays.

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Stock Options

You're building something great. Get a slice of the pie.

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View all employee benefits

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Kona is hiring Software Engineer.

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