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    Managed Kubernetes anywhere. Giant Swarm is the premier managed platform for running cloud native projects securely and reliably on-demand and at scale across private data-centers and public clouds. Giant Swarm provides an API Driven Open Source Platform that enables businesses to easily provision and scale Kubernetes clusters together with a wide set of managed services. Giant Swarm continuously updates the platform with all its tenant clusters and takes full responsibility that the cloud native infrastructure is operational at all times.

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    Complete backup for businesses. Retrospect protects Mac, Windows and Linux, desktops and servers, as well as application-level protection for Exchange and SQL Server. Retrospect backs up to Disk, Tape and Cloud. Retrospect is used in over 80 countries, backing up data from as far away as the Hubble Telescope and as close by as your neighborhood dentist. We've been used to restore data nineteen years later as well as the laptop that was backed up - right before being kicked off the bed by the dog.

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