Benefits at Remote

Remote provides unlimited personal time off, flexible working hours, paid parental leave and 7 other employee benefits and perks.

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Unlimited Personal Time Off

Your health and the health of your loved ones comes before work. For this reason, you have unlimited personal time off. You are entitled to this even during probation. In practice, this means you don’t have to ask for permission when planning a vacation. However, you should over-communicate and inform your manager and peers to make sure that you and your team's responsibilities are covered.


Health Benefits

Remote prioritizes your health and wellbeing, and will meet statutory requirements in each country. We try to provide additional benefits too. Where we offer health insurance, we cover 100% of the cost for your individual medical insurance. If you'd like to extend coverage to your dependents, you can pay for it. As we are global, we use different benefit providers in each country.

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Paid Parental Leave

You can take paid parental leave for 16 weeks during the first year of parenthood. If your local jurisdiction offers more, you are entitled to that. And if your local jurisdiction offers less, then you are entitled to our 16-week parental leave policy. We also offer a ramp up period to ease you back into work when you return from Parental Leave.

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Flexible Working Hours

Remote is built on a culture of trust, so you are trusted to manage your own working hours. Use this to support your own work-life balance so that you are productive and happy both at work and outside of work. Take the time you need to tend to your personal commitments such as family time, important events, and your health and wellbeing.

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Home Office Setup

We supply you the tools you need like a laptop, a screen and peripherals, so that you can do your job well. These are taken care of as part of your onboarding and all of your equipment will be received before your first day of work. Remote will also give you a total budget of $500 for your desk and/or chair.

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Mental Health Support

Considering that a large part of our lives are spent at work, and most of that time working from home, all of us are juggling a multitude of professional and personal issues that are rife with stressors. All team members at Remote have access to mental health support through Modern Health.


Social Engagement Tools

We supply all our employees globally with an Oculus VR 😎 . We use this for social engagement, gaming sessions every Thursday and company wide events when appropriate. We also currently use Slack Huddles for team bonding, fun events or just to hang-out while working.


Learning Budget

You have an annual $1,000 allowance to pursue learning and development (that is, between 1 January and 31 December). For your first year at Remote, this allowance is pro-rated depending on the month that you start.

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Company Options

Growing Remote is a team effort. Therefore, everyone is offered company options. This is a nice bonus because when the company does well, you'll also do well.

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Co-Working Allowance

You can claim up to USD 150/month of co-working space costs. Remote does not upfront deposits.

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