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    Sphinx builds software to solve complex national security problems for America and its allies. Founded by engineers and technologists with deep experience across commercial and defense technology, we were frustrated by the outdated and insecure technology America's service members are forced to rely on. We're here to do better.Our primary focus is building modern, scalable communications tools and platforms for satellites and space based communication for both the US Government and private companies.

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    28 tech stacks


    12 benefits

    Created by tech innovators on a mission to solve critical challenges in national security, Anduril brings Silicon Valley ingenuity, speed, and funding to defense and security. In less than a year, Anduril went from concept to product, with multiple deployments actively solving real world national security problems. Today, Anduril is in a rapid growth phase, deploying technology in diverse locations and developing pathmaking products that will change defense forever.

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