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    A new way to enable your organization to provide security assurance. episki focuses on combining growing companies' security programs, regulatory and compliance needs, and assessment activity all under one source, so they have a central place of truth. People know what needs to be done, they know where the artifacts are, and it's clear where things stand, and everyone's accountable.

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    Today’s business world is shifting rapidly. Decisions have to be made faster than ever and under increasing pressure. To survive – and thrive – your company must be able to transform its business model and continuously adapt to fast-changing markets. Successful companies are the ones that make the right choices to govern their operations in a sustainable way. They have the tools to strike the right balance between capacity for innovation, cost optimization, and risk management.

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    Optimise your leadership meetings. SHERPANY is the fastest growing Tech company headquartered in Switzerland. Our mission is to get time back. We build innovative, mobile solutions for board and executive committees. With our technology we turn formal meetings from time-wasters into value-creators by driving focus on the output. We encourage the evolution of meeting culture through a delightful, easy to use and secure meeting management SaaS to drive focus on decision making to free up the wasted meeting time for value-adding work.

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    Your customer experience is suffering from data issues with your cloud applications and affecting business growth. Syncari unifies, intelligently augments, and enforces quality of your customer data, then makes it available within your applications through modern multidirectional synchronization. Our modern Data Automation Platform helps businesses solve costly data inconsistencies by treating the enterprise application stack as one unified system, while intelligently cleansing, merging, and augmenting data across them.

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