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    Caregiving is serious business so we set out to develop a better way to care. As a home care agency owner, you came into this industry to ensure that older adults and their families receive the very best in care. When Madhuri and I created CareAcademy, we saw that there was a lot missing in caregiver education. At CareAcademy, we sought to fill the void with fresh, relevant classes to engage learners, a dynamic platform that personalizes learning, and the extra set of hands home care agencies need to increase productivity.

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    Hi there, we're The Lookout Way, and we make Lookout — a care management platform that powers aged care and NDIS service providers to get exceptional outcomes for their clients, families, and support workers. Our team extracted Lookout from the digital infrastructure we made by running a real, world-class service provider, Five Good Friends. Lookout has already powered over 1,000,000 hours of support in the home.

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