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    Our mission is to be the preferred choice of customers to support their debt free journey, everywhere.We are a fully distributed team of over 150 people living and working in 7 countries around the world. We have built what we believe to be the best products to deliver an exceptional debt collection experience. We continue to work tirelessly to improve our offerings to pave the way to our customers' debt free journey.After experiencing firsthand the shortcomings of traditional collection agencies, our founder, Josh Foreman, envisioned a better way - a product-led business that delivers a far better experience for everyone involved.

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    TrueAccord is the leader in digital collections. By focusing on great user experiences, TrueAccord provides businesses with superior debt collection results. Our machine learning platform adapts to consumer behavior with personalized and empathetic communications to deliver the right payment option at the right time and channel. We work with top financial institutions, enterprise companies and upcoming businesses to recover billions in lost revenue.In 2013, our CEO was hounded by collectors for a small amount on a store credit card that he forgot to pay.

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