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Tomas Skandera


Mission oriented and culture driven. Customer centricity flows, operations, product and UX alignment


What I'm looking for

Commitment to better future, improved societies and enjoyment from delivering work. Culture matters - interactions too. Sailing this for a long term change.

After spending more than 4 years at Kraken, the company has decided to terminate both Operations and Product teams despite many wins and improvements. Eliminated attack vectors, decreased theft whilst automating ticket submission and resolution processes. Cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile and one has to look forward. Being remote only for the whole period, I consider myself a good fit opened to hybrid co-working.

Started in the client-facing positions, pushed to supervising specialists, mentored with QAing performance, and finally moved towards product discovery teams with influence on product roadmap. In the meantime, variety of other project initiatives were held. Lastly, I got to be a public facing figure with activities to grow communities across Europe and engage with clients to generate leads as well as to scope talent.

Currently based in Central Europe but opened to moves - no family responsibilities and strict regulatory restrictions. Curious what the future has to offer.


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