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Sourcefabric is creating the new open source code base for quality independent journalism. We have a history of deploying forward-thinking news technologies, even in remote and challenging places. Our experience goes far beyond the traditional newsroom.  
Whether you’re a seasoned expert or are just beginning your career, you can find a range of challenging and stimulating job offerings at Sourcefabric. Our positions are designed to utilise your strengths and encourage you to develop and gain new skills in the process. In our quickly growing organisation we celebrate individuals that are energetic and passionate about what they do and are committed to continuously developing their skills.

At Sourcefabric, you will find yourself surrounded by numerous talented team members from across the globe. Our international reach consists of 5 offices on two continents with team members from 14 countries. We are all committed to facilitating the work of independent journalists and care deeply about the impact we can make. If that sounds like you, join us!


While we know how to get work done, we know how to have fun too! Our team members are so much more than just their jobs, from marathon runners to music composers, we continue to learn new and interesting things about our fellow employees. Each year our team gathers in one location for an intensive week of learning, brainstorming and connecting. From dragon boat racing in the Czech Republic to zip-lining in the mountains of Serbia, each years Sourcecamp is always a yearly highlight.  

Take a look at our open positions and see if something might be right for you. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send us an email. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team.   
Sourcefabric is an equal opportunity employer.  


We frequently need translators to help localize our software, writers to work on our manuals, developers help make our products even more useful and all sorts of volunteers with sharp eyes and minds. Check out our volunteer page to see how you can help.  

We'll keep you updated when the best new remote jobs pop up.

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