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Apollo GraphQL employee benefits

Discover the employees benefits and perks available to Apollo GraphQL employees.

Benefits and perks at Apollo GraphQL

Learn about the 9 benefits and perks Apollo GraphQL offers its employees.

Disability insurance

We'll cover your disability insurance.

Life insurance

We'll cover your life insurance so you don't have to worry.

Healthcare benefits

Medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees and dependents.

401(k) benefits

Generous 401(k) and regional retirement plans to help you invest in your future.

Flexible working hours

Your daily schedule is up to you. Everyone works differently and we respect that. We care about doing awesome work, not dictating your calendar.

Everyone-in-town weeks

We look forward to resuming our pre-covid tradition of flying all of our Apollo employees to San Francisco for an action packed week of work and play.

Generous parental leave

What works for your family works for us. Kids home sick from school? Important appointment for your spouse? We recognize that family always comes first.

Streamlined collaboration

Virtual “coffee chats” and team lunches, an AV setup specifically tailored for remote experience, recorded meetings for folks who can’t make it, and more!

Plenty of time off

We don't track vacation days. What's important to us is that you remain happy, healthy, productive, and rested. We would, however, love to see your travel pics.

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