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    Our dual goal is to empower clients’ technology recruiting and staffing efforts and provide our team members with rewarding careers. Why was Zipdev Founded? Zipdev’s co-founders, Mike Lenny and Daniel Altenburg, first met while living in Lima, Peru, where they earned each other’s trust playing rugby and traveling around Latin America together. Zipdev was born after they had both moved back to San Diego, when Mike asked Daniel for help finding solid software engineers to help develop an app he wanted to build.

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    Tigerspike is a global digital services company. We offer end-to-end expertise in strategic consulting, service and experience design, multi-platform engineering and systems integration. We blend technology with human expertise to drive measurable business outcomes for our customers and to create digital experiences that ​people​ love ​to​ ​use. Our problem-solving practice called Catalyst aligns teams and identifies focus areas for further exploration by rapidly validating assumptions.

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