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Extreme Networks employee benefits

Discover the employees benefits and perks available to Extreme Networks employees.

Benefits and perks at Extreme Networks

Learn about the 10 benefits and perks Extreme Networks offers its employees.

Equity benefits

We offer an employee stock purchase program.

Life insurance

Extreme Networks brings you peace of mind by providing life insurance to you and your family.

Disability insurance

Extreme Networks brings you peace of mind by providing benefits to protect the financial needs of you and your family.

Retirement benefits

Extreme Networks provides globally compliant retirement plans, including public and private options, and contributes to retirement savings.


Extreme Networks encourages employees to participate in philanthropic activities, donating time and resources to charities. It also has an annual day dedicated to giving back.

Flexible work practices

Extreme Networks promotes a flexible work culture, allowing employees to work remotely and create a work-life balance. It also provides paid time off and family leave programs.

Competitive pay

Extreme Networks offers a competitive compensation package, including base pay and variable pay based on performance. It also provides stock awards and a stock purchase program.

Tuition reimbursement

Extreme Networks offers tuition reimbursement for undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, as well as certifications. It encourages employees to pursue upskilling opportunities.

Wellness benefits

Extreme Networks prioritizes employee wellness, offering onsite fitness centers, monthly movement challenges, health talks, and free counseling services. It also has company-sponsored wellness programs.

Healthcare benefits

Extreme Networks offers comprehensive healthcare options, including high deductible health plans and a company contribution to health savings accounts. It benchmarks its benefits annually to ensure access to quality care.

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