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Tech stack at Color

Learn about the 80 tools and technologies that Color uses to build, market, and sell its products.

Languages & Frameworks

These are the programming languages and software frameworks used for developing software, encompassing a variety of applications from web development to data analysis and machine learning.


This category includes essential tools used throughout the software development lifecycle, covering areas such as version control, code testing, and the building and deployment of code. These tools aim to enhance productivity, ensure code quality, and facilitate collaboration among team members.


These are collections of pre-written code that developers can use to save time and improve code reliability. Libraries provide ready-to-use solutions for common programming tasks and are often specialized for specific programming languages or frameworks.

Application Hosting

Application hosting services are platforms that provide a scalable environment for running applications, from web apps to microservices. These platforms handle the underlying infrastructure and often come with features like automated scaling, backup, and security, allowing developers to focus solely on the application itself.

Data Stores

This category includes tools and services that store, manage, and process data, ranging from structured to unstructured data types. These can be databases or data warehousing tools, capable of handling large volumes of information and often featuring real-time analytics capabilities.


Monitoring tools are essential for tracking the performance and status of applications and infrastructure across various environments. They offer functionalities like real-time alerting, log analysis, and root cause diagnosis, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues.

Assets and Media

This category includes tools and platforms designed for managing and distributing digital media content, such as videos, images, and audio files. These solutions offer features like secure storage, easy retrieval, and optimized delivery.


These tools assist in creating and managing the visual and multimedia aspects of a product. They cover a broad range of tasks from UI/UX design, prototyping, and graphics design to video editing. These platforms often include features like collaborative functionalities, versioning, and templates, serving both individual creators and collaborative teams.


Collaboration tools are designed to facilitate effective team communication and cooperation across various channels such as chat, video conferencing, and file sharing. These tools help teams coordinate tasks, communicate in real-time, and share work resources, streamlining both remote and in-office collaboration.


These tools facilitate various forms of digital communication, primarily specializing in emails. They offer advanced features for delivering, tracking, and optimizing email campaigns, such as A/B testing, analytics, and automation, to enhance engagement and deliverability.

Back Office

Back office software is integral to the seamless functioning of a company, supporting crucial internal operations such as HR, finance, and administration. These systems often automate routine tasks and facilitate data management to improve operational efficiency.

Marketing and Sales Tools

These tools offer a suite of solutions aimed at enhancing marketing and sales processes. The category includes customer relationship management (CRM) software for managing interactions with clients, email marketing services for targeted campaigns, SEO tools for improving online visibility, and other platforms geared towards lead generation, analytics, and customer engagement.

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RVP, Large Employer Sales


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Salary: 162k-210k USD

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Sales Development Representative


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Salary: 52k-77k USD

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