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About us

Hi, we're HelpDocs.

On the surface you might think we're another knowledge base product. And yes, it's true we do make knowledge base software. But we've also grown to create a company of people who love what they work on.


What working well together means to us.

Work happily
We believe you should work where you're most comfortable, whether that's staying put in your cosy cottage or exploring the world.

Over-communication is important as a remote team, so we encourage it. Better to write it down than forget it.

Be humble & listen
Always take on feedback the best you can. Humility and willingness to learn or make mistakes is a must.

Same page
Trust & clear boundaries mean the whole team is on the same page, so you won't be left in the lurch.

Customers first
We believe in customer-centricity and help customers find their best fit, even if we’re not it.

Help customers help themselves.

HelpDocs makes beautiful, easy to use support pages for product-focused teams. Knowledge bases that're easy to maintain, always relevant, and look great.

We're solving customer support at scale with self-serve options that customers actually *want* to use. Better for your customers, and with a reduction in your support volume, better for your bank balance too.
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