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Vitor Watanabe


I'm a digital marketing strategist obsessed to bring effective insights from data


What I'm looking for

Remote full time or part time job, avaliable in Europe, North America and Latin America GMT's

In my last 3 years, I lead some very skilled teams (comms, digital strategy, data, business intelligence, social media, insights) transforming digital marketing insights and strategies into effective results for big companies in Brazil.

Recently I've been working as Client Insights and Media Manager in Squid, a Brazilian startup focused on Influencer and Community Marketing



Consultant of Insights and Strategy


Feb 2019 - Dec 2020 (1 year 10 months)

As a consultant, I was responsible for all digital strategies for clients from the beginning (insights) to execution (and KPI monitoring). Finding new business opportunities from data and pitching the solutions to clients was my focus at this opportunity

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