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Marceu Kim


I'm a BI and analytics manager/specialist based in SP, Brazil. Growth / BI / Analytics / Marketing


What I'm looking for

I'm looking for a remote position at a company with great environment, full of highly skilled people and challenges. I want to develop myself and share my knowledge with my future colleagues.

▶️My main philosophy is to keep learning. Everything is an opportunity to learn something new!

🤓 About me as a professional:
I've been working with data analysis for 6+ years and in different hierarchical positions (from analyst to manager).
I'm a professional with a track record of analyzing data and detailed reports to increase overall performance in areas such as sales revenues, marketing campaigns, growth, customer acquisition and operational effectiveness. On a daily basis, the tools I used to most are: Excel / Spreadsheets, SQL, Metabase, Amplitude, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
In my current position as Business Intelligence and analytics manager at Flix, I'm responsible for looking for opportunities to help the company grow and thrive, having started from a few dozen customers to more than 14,000 in less than 12 months. During this period, my team and I have worked along with several teams (IT, CX, Marketing, Operations, HR and C-levels) by delivering data driven insights and reports to support all decision making processes.

📈About my learning path:
Continuous professional development is what keeps me going.
For the past years my main focus has been on developing technical and team building/leadership skills such as SQL, Excel, Google Analytics, data visualization tools, Google Tag Manager, agile methodologies (KANBAN) and business growth related subjects.


Flix Seguros logoFS

BI and Analytics Manager

Flix Seguros

Oct 2021 - Present (2 years 7 months)

- Responsible for developing strategies, roadmaps for BI and Analytics solution and for promoting company's data driven culture;
- Ensuring for the objectivity and integrity (quality, quantity and timeliness) of data and tools;
- Cross checking internal and external information;
- Providing analyses and insights to all teams, including C-levels and senior management;

TheBakery Brazil logoTB

Mentor / New Business Designer

TheBakery Brazil

Oct 2021 - Jan 2022 (3 months)

- Responsible for mentoring and helping 30 young entrepreneurs develop their businesses that address long standing market (and Santander's) problems such as Financial Education, Credit Solutions, Sustainability;
- Mentor at 'Radar Empreenda' Programme, sponsored by Santander Bank (along with Santander Universities and Lab033) and in partnership with The Bakery Brazil;
- 4 startups launched

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