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Andrea Kunzle


Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0


A tech nerd at heart, my passion for the digital world propelled me into a career in digital communications and Industry 4.0. Leveraging my expertise, I devise strategies that blend technology with business goals, not just keeping pace with digital trends, but setting them to ensure your business thrives in today's digital age.

I am proficient in programming languages like Javascript, Python, R, SQL, and Swift, as well as natural language processing and data analysis tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Analytics. I also have multiple certifications in graphic design, digital marketing, and social media marketing, which demonstrate my commitment to lifelong learning and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

I am always excited to collaborate with clients and colleagues to find the best solutions to their unique challenges, and to make meaningful contributions to the success of their businesses and to the growth of my field. Whether through digital transformation, online presence, or other innovative strategies, I aim to create value and impact with my work.


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Digital Consultant


Directed client strategies for digital transformation, resulting in estimated average increases of 77.3% in online presence, 47.5% in process efficiency, and 31.6% in conversions within 3 months of onboarding. Acquired and maintained a diverse client portfolio while effectively managing projects, resulting in a growing client base and successful project delivery.

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Digital Strategy Specialist


Led comprehensive audits of external channels, leading to a 32.5% improvement in SEO and SEA effectiveness by utilizing data-driven insights to refine our digital business and communications strategy. Increased digital engagement by 49% through proactive analysis and strategic adjustments based on weekly reports with stakeholders.

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Digital Analyst & Marketing Research Intern

Content Stadium

Contributed to the development and execution of SaaS product launch communication strategies, resulting in a 20.7% increase in digital growth and market reach through targeted SEO and SEA initiatives. Conducted market research and analyzed data from 100+ specialists, yielding strategic insights for product development and market expansion.

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