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Shayla Malcolm


I'm an insightful and data-driven Customer Success Manager.

United States

Hey there! I’m Shayla, an insightful Customer Success Manager with a unique passion for helping my customers achieve their “big picture” goals and generate impactful results.
My unwavering dedication and profound confidence has driven my desire to always bring value to both my customers and my team. It’s my magic if you will. I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and because of that, I am always digging deep for solutions, analyzing customer data, and relentlessly advocating for my customers’ best interest.
You may notice my background is a little “non-traditional” — as I was a Cosmetologist and UX Designer — but that’s what truly makes me a bombshell of a Customer Success Manager! During my 9+ years as an entrepreneur, I learned the key to success is knowing my customer’s “love language,” meaning I honed in on my active listening skills, built meaningful relationships with them, and worked to understand what each of them truly valued. This has become my philosophy as a Customer Success Manager, helping me to manage $4.5 million in annual recurring revenue.
At my best, I’m continually tackling complex problems and collaborating with various teams to create unified customer experiences, optimize internal processes and drive customer expansion. I genuinely love to help my team and support the next CSM any way I can. In fact, I most recently trained my entire CS team on using apps like Notion to organize account information, manage ongoing tasks, and keep track of their own “wins”. Being resourceful and promoting the customer success methodology throughout my company while remaining an “advocate” for my customers is my daily motivation.
Apart from my professional life, you can find me deep into Beauty-tok, enjoying the newest restaurants, watching the Miami Dolphins or traveling to spend time with my family. ☺️


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