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Open to opportunities

Ram Kumar


SaaS Product Designer, Architect and IC


What I'm looking for

A long-term (10 years vision) with a product or SaaS focused team.

Remote work preferred.

Hello, I am Ram

A Product designer & builder with a proven track record in SaaS, API, Mobile apps, Security and Compliance, with a strong focus on CyberSecurity, Resilience and Scalability.

## Why me?
+ You have ZERO-risk in hiring me. https://bit.ly/SaaS-portfolio-Ram
+ I learn, adapt and scale. My resume & portfolio is a testament to that.
+ Get-Things-Done approach. No excuses. No surprises.
+ I have designed, built and delivered products to the market. Zero-to-One.
+ Ready for any challenge and responsibility.
## Leading by example - Hands-on
+ 15+y architecting and building SaaS
+ 15+y RubyOnRails, PostgreSQL/MySQL/RDBMS, MongoDB/Redis/Casaandra/Neo4J/NoSQL
+ 7+y React, Javascript/ES6, Typescript
+ 15+y CSS/SCSS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Material, Others.
+ 10+y UX, UI design, web & mobile app designs
+ 15+y building and integrating REST and GraphQL APIs
+ 15+y git, CI/CD, ansible, containers (docker, podman), deployments
+ 10+y performance, security and scalability optimizations, focused on Product-Led-Growth
+ 15+y working fully remote, distributed multi-time-zone teams
+ 15+y mentoring and leading projects and teams 2~150 members
+ 5+y designing and building mobile apps with React Native, Adobe XD, Figma
+ 15+y Agile, Scrum, OKR, PLG, Kanban, MoSCoW

## Product experience
+ Product Design - Empathising, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping, Testing and Rolling-out
+ Architecture - Service-Oriented, Event-Driven-Design, Monoliths and Legacy upgrades
+ Product-Led-Growth - Scaling, Resilience, Analytics and Monitoring
+ Management - Product-Led-Growth, Lean, Agile, SCRUM, OKR, KPI, Kanban, MoSCoW
+ Development - TDD, Full-Stack, Backend, Frontend, REST & GraphQL API, Mobile apps, UX
+ Cyber Security & Compliances - App & API security, SOC, HIPAA, ISO, GDPR, VA & PenTest
+ Integrations - APIs, plugins, 3rd party service integrations

## Technology experience
+ Design & UX - Figma, Adobe XD, Prototyping, Lean product cycle, CSS frameworks
+ Mobile apps - React Native, Flutter, Publishing iOS & Android
+ Full-Stack - Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Next.js, Prisma ORM, ReactJS, TypeScript, JavaScript
+ API - REST and GraphQL
+ Databases - PostgreSQL, RDBMS (OLTP), noSQL DB, graph DB, Timescale DB, Column DB (OLAP)
+ Cloud & DevOps - AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku, any VPS, CI, CD, ansible, docker, Kubernetes k8s, Podman
+ Gaming & 3D - Phaser, Three.js, GoDot, chess.js, chessboardjs, D3.js

## Team experience
+ Hiring, Leading, Mentoring and Managing up to ~150 member teams
+ Globally Distributed Agile Scrum teams across timezones
+ Share knowledge & expertise fostering 360-degree growth & development

## What do I seek?
+ A long-term (10 years vision) with a product/SaaS team
+ I match any required timezone working remotely. Office or hybrid anywhere in India. Travel, if needed.

I am excited to discuss the growth we can catalyze together, as a team.
Let's boost that ARR up. :)
Thank you.



Principal Architect

Marketplace SaaS startup

Mar 2023 - Present (1 year 1 month)

- Architecture, UX design and IC to development of Mobile-first SaaS marketplace for Product-Led-Growth.
- Fast & intuitive mobile experiences.
- REST APIs for PLG integrations.
- GraphQL APIs for real-time mobile UX.
- Timescale DB for real-time analytics.
- Event-Driven Design for resilient scaling.
- Integrated customer feedback mechanisms.
- Information Security and ISO & GDPR


Open to opportunities



Authorized to work in

Salary expectations

60k-84k USD


RailsRuby RailsRuby on RailsReact On RailsPayment RailsRubyGraphQL RubyAPIsWeb APIsAPI DesignCapistranoAPI TestingAPI GatewayAPI ToolingRESTful APIsWeb ScrapingAPI ProductsAPI QueryingAPI SecurityREST API UseGraphQL APIsJSON REST APIAPI ManagementAPI FrameworksAPI DevelopmentAPI IntegrationHTTP Based APIsREST API TestingRapid PrototypingWeb APIs ServicesREST API SecurityRESTful API DesignAPI Driven SolutionsWeb Service API Rest APIRESTful ServicesREST PrinciplesRESTful Web ServicesRESTful Micro ServicesReactReactJSReact HooksReact NativeReact RouterReact ReduxReact TypescriptCreate React AppReact Testing LibrariesReact Testing LibraryJavaScript (React)PostgreSQLPostgreSQL DatabasesMySQL PostgreSQLMongoMongoDBNoSQLNoSQL DatabasesSQL NoSQL DatabasesSQL And NoSQL Database DesignRDBMSNoSQL RDBMS Database AdministrationSaaSB2B SaaSB2C SaaSSaaS TechSaaS DesignSaaS ProductsSaaS SecuritySaaS SolutionsSaaS PlatformsSaaS IntegrationSaaS EngineeringSaaS ApplicationsSaaS VulnerabilityCloud SaaS PlatformEnterprise SaaS B2BSaaS Software PlatformSaaS Product ManagementSaaS Product DevelopmentSaaS Software DevelopmentMobileMobile AppsMobile DesignMobile App DesignMobile DevelopmentMobile ApplicationMobile EngineeringWeb And Mobile DesignMobile App DevelopmentMobile User ExperienceMobile Application DesignMobile Product DevelopmentMobile And Web DevelopmentMobile Application DevelopmentWeb And Mobile Design PatternsUser Experience DesignUser ExperienceUser Experience (UX) DesignUser Experience (UX) Design PrinciplesREST APIsScalabilityScalable PlatformsScalable Software PlatformsScalable InfrastructureScalable Web ServicesService Oriented ArchitectureMicroservicesEvent Driven DesignEvent Driven ArchitectureEvent Driven ProgrammingSecurityIT SecurityCybersecurityProduct SecuritySoftware Security

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