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Matthew Trapp


Seasoned growth consultant with expertise in driving product-led growth for SaaS and tech companies.

United States

What I'm looking for

- Focus on innovation and agility

- Rapid experimentation and iteration

- Strong sense of purpose and mission

- Resourcefulness and bootstrapping

- Focus on transparency, communication and high-trust environment

Dedicated Product-Led Growth Consultant with a rich background in driving substantial growth for tech companies through innovative, data-driven strategies. With over a decade of expertise in digital technology, I partner with organizations to harness the full potential of PLG, transforming how products are brought to market and scaled efficiently.

🌟 Top Services

  • Product-Led Growth (PLG) Strategies: I specialize in layering PLG motions onto existing sales-led models to enhance go-to-market efficiency, increase close rates, and improve average contract values (ACVs).

  • User Activation & Engagement: Developing strategies that improve user activation and deepen engagement, directly influencing better retention rates.

  • Product-Led Sales (PLS) Integration: Establishing and scaling Product-Led Sales to elevate your sales approach, seamlessly combining it with traditional methods for higher conversion and customer acquisition.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Implementing robust data infrastructures and analytics to drive growth, backed by quantifiable growth loops and sophisticated growth models.

  • Innovative User Onboarding: Crafting and refining onboarding processes to minimize time-to-value, ensuring users recognize the value of your product swiftly and effectively.

  • Growth Team Development: Starting and scaling high-performing growth teams tailored to foster innovative product and growth leadership within your organization.

🔍 Who I Serve

My consultancy is ideal for startups and established companies in the tech sector that are eager to adopt cutting-edge growth methodologies, innovate continuously, and achieve sustainable competitive advantages.


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Sep 2013 - Present (10 years 8 months)

I help companies achieve their growth goals by combining product vision, hands-on product-led growth, and fractional CIO services. I have over 20 years of experience in the SaaS industry, and I love helping companies grow their revenues, increase their customer retention, and improve their operational efficiency.

didna logoDI

Chief Information Officer


Apr 2021 - Jul 2023 (2 years 3 months)

Directed the development of a new product roadmap aligned strategic goals
▪Led team of ad tech engineers in the development of new features and SaaS products
▪Championed the use of agile development and experimentation methods
▪Collaborated on product ideas by creating UX and analytics to measure success
▪Piloted a custom analytics stack from scratch using low-cost CDN and Google Cloud,resulting i


Product UX & Growth Consultant


May 2019 - Jan 2020 (8 months)

Establishing product-market-fit validation feedback loops, optimizing the new user experience, onboarding, activation and customer success processes, prioritization of feature and roadmap creation, collaborating with founders on the Go-to-market strategy.


Director of Product Growth


Dec 2017 - Sep 2019 (1 year 9 months)

Improved free trial experience with design optimizations, established growth KPIs and usage metrics, designed self-service onboarding experience, led creation of customer journey map, proposed automated customer buying experience.


UX Consultant


Oct 2014 - Dec 2014 (2 months)

Created Google Analytics implementation to track custom events and sequences that aligned with business goals. Performed UX heuristic evaluation for web app and delivered recommendations.




Jun 2014 - Mar 2015 (9 months)

Ran usability research to enhance product experience. Optimized web presence/landing pages. Oversaw digital marketing and product management. Increased Google Analytics/Ad infrastructure capabilities to include experiment tracking. Produced product video for various channels.


Senior Business Analyst

New York Stock Exchange

Jan 2007 - Apr 2013 (6 years 3 months)

Liaison between business and global systems development. Work with executives and other stakeholders to develop and define business requirements and interpret them into technical requirements. Lead role in integration and user acceptance testing, Supports the development of training and implementation material, participate in production deployment, and provides post-production support.


Web Designer/Developer/Administrator

GlobeNet Capital Corporation

Jan 1999 - Jan 2004 (5 years)

Original start-up employee charged with creating the web presence and GUI design for enterprise applications. Participated in conceptual and task based interface design and UAT. Develop e-marketing material from concept to production.

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