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Jona Faye Sarceno


I'm a remote Customer Success Specialist | Onboarding Specialist in a company based in Sta. Ana, CA.


What I'm looking for

Looking for Customer Success /Customer Service Service / Customer support role. I am also open for Visa Sponsorship offers.

My professional goals are to address the day-today needs and/or frustration encountered by clients and to care deeply of the clients to create a life-long partnership.
To align with the Company's goals and live by the Company Values.
I believe my genuine and splendid customer service, my passion to help and teach, problem-solving and decision-making abilities will support, and drive continued organizational success.


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Customer Success Specialist


• Onboard new and existing clients with basic setup as well as settings and configurations for website, Point-of-Sale and Mobile App
• Train clients how to use the platform, basic set up, setting and configurations, as well as walk them through on how to work on their loan applications
• Enable and set up integrations to their LOS and CRM tools.
• Build relationships with new and existing clients

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