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Christian Flores


I’m a Sr Product Manager with 18+ years in software development, design, and implementation.


What I'm looking for

I can work in a huge variety of products but if I have to choose I really would like to focus on 4 sectors:

Fintech: I like so much all the fintech ecosystems and how you may add value for payments, loans, crypto, transfers, Open Banking, and APIs.

Proptech: I'm interested to work on products such as renting, buying, and accommodation.

Foodtech: New ways to deliver value for our clients in real-time

I do love creating Products, adding the right value to the company helping to build amazing products that really help people with their real-life needs. Also always giving enough room for innovation to make difference in the industry.

I have experience creating products for different sectors but Fintech is the most frequent.

I've collaborated with companies such as Formiik, ESPN, PayClip, Creditas, MyFO, and Groundspeed which belongs primarily Fintech, Proptech, and Insuretech sectors.

One of the most important things to consider when I am building Products is how this can help others and how this could be profitable.
So regarding the Discovery (market research), we are also focusing on the metrics that help us to measure the success.

We should keep in mind when we are creating products, we are solving issues, so that means we need to focus to solve clients' needs before solving product features instead. We need to pursue being customer-centric and that means we should focus to hear what the users or potential users want instead of what we want or foresee for the product in the future, we need to learn the people are who gonna use the product, so the main reason to build a product is and will be the people, hence, we need to hear them.

So before focusing on DAU, MAU, CAC, CTLV, ARR, IRR, % Engagement, Conversion Rate, and so on, we must focus on the most important metric which is people and how we should delight them with a blue-chip product that really solves a specific need in the best possible way.



Sr Product Manager


Feb 2022 - Present (2 years 3 months)

Part of the success is to focus on the funnel to attract and convert potential customers into real customers and then provide them with the best experience to increase the return rate.
From the Growth end, we rely on The Lean Startup model to test as many hypotheses as we can, based our efforts on A/B testing as our daily bread.

Payclip logoPA

Product Manager


Jul 2018 - Mar 2019 (8 months)

My main responsibilities were the software products used by Customer Happiness team, one of the most important is Merchant Engagement which helps to provide all the information for every transaction that passed through Clip POS devices. Besides, it gives enough room for innovation and evolution of the products based on the
ideation and design thinking sessions.

Tango logoTA

Product Manager


Sep 2019 - Feb 2022 (2 years 5 months)

We craft products from the roots and that's why we rely on our strategy in the Lean
Startup framework that helps us to realize if that product is something useful and that a certain group wants because we are so concerned with helping our clients focus in the right flow of product development:
Problem Solution Fit, Product Market Fit, Growth, and Scale.


Project Manager


Aug 2015 - Aug 2017 (2 years)

My main responsibilities were to keep the trains on time for every feature or delivery, and create strategies and plans to achieve flawless execution of the projects. Besides finding the best liaison to connect the Sales team, Product, and Engineering teams to work on the same channel and have in mind the same goals, always doing all through an Agile mindset.

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