About Pulley

We help founders and employees optimize their equity.

Pulley's mission is to make it easier for anyone to start a company. We believe that more startups should exist and that founder-led companies are more successful in the long term. With Pulley’s cap table management tools, companies can better understand and optimize their equity for the long term. Starting a company is hard enough. Managing equity shouldn’t be. 

We’re a high-performing team looking for passionate, execution-focused, self-starters to help us build equity management tools for founders. Pulley is growing quickly with over 1600 customers including unicorns like Clubhouse, Birdies, Coda, and Fast - all within our first year of product launch. Our trajectory is fueled by top investors like Stripe, General Catalyst, Caffeinated Capital, 8vc, Elad Gil, among other great angels.

Read more about our culture here: https://twitter.com/yinyinwu/status/1334957013558673408

We're now the top-rated equity management software! Read our customer reviews here: https://www.g2.com/products/pulley-pulley/reviews#survey-response-5468702

✔︎ Here’s what Pulley does
☑︎ Scenario modeling - understand how much you get diluted
☑︎ Reliable record keeping - Pulley helps you track all the shares, options, SAFEs, and fundraising documents within your company
☑︎ Views for investors & employees - provide investors & employees a place to view their shares and ownership
☑︎ Manage employees vesting schedules, accelerated vesting, termination, and options exercising.

Our Culture

TL&DR - Pulley is not a good fit for everyone, and that’s OK. This is a bit about the culture of Pulley. We need people who aren’t just interested in working at a startup; we need people who are excited about building a great company. In addition to function-specific skills, here are some traits that enable our team members to thrive:

  • Ego-less Learner -- Every day at Pulley, we are trying things that we’ve never done before - sometimes they work; sometimes they don’t. To be successful here, you need to embrace that feeling of ‘being a beginner’ and be willing to accept feedback in stride. 

  • Less Talk; More Action -- Everyone rolls up our sleeves at Pulley. If your strength is being the ‘idea gal or guy’ but you don’t create your own slides or write your own code, then we are not a great fit.  

  • Prioritize ruthlessly - Our view is that being a 10x engineer is not about writing more code; it’s about making the right decision on what to build. We’re hiring for people who can make the right strategic decisions on where to spend their time

We’re also inspired by the culture work done at other companies and plan to develop our own playbook here too. One of the concepts that resonate most with us is the importance of stunning colleagues.

If you like the sound of our environment and you’re passionate about joining a team like the one we’ve described, we'd love to talk!

Tech stack

Learn about the technology and tools that Pulley uses.

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Benefits and perks

Learn about the benefits and perks that Pulley provides.

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Unlimited vacation

Take as much time off as you want as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to do your work.

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Equity benefits

Every employee gets equity, so you are rewarded for your best work.


Healthcare benefits

We offer generous health insurance.

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