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About us

HeyTaco! is a fun peer recognition platform that builds happier teams by inspiring positive communication. With gamification mechanisms like leaderboards and achievement levels, HeyTaco! makes recognizing teammates rewarding. By using tacos as a currency, the silliness and less seriousness lead to higher engagement and more genuine recognition.

When people feel appreciated in the workplace, it boosts morale and helps improve retention rates. People who feel appreciated are generally happier, more productive, and ultimately better for business.

Like you, we at HeyTaco! are human. We are powered by our passions and beliefs. Our mission is to enable you and those around you. This all begins with recognizing you. You are our partner; together we're building something different, something special. What we're building might not be immediately clear, but it will be fun and bring us together. It will feel good. And as it grows, it will become clear what we are building matters. Welcome to the taco economy.

Principles of the Taco Economy

  1. Giving a taco should be fun.
  2. Giving a taco should feel good.
  3. Giving a taco should be honest.
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