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The #1 Inventory Optimization solution for growth-focused retail brands.

Benefits at Cogsy

Cogsy provides true flexible work, monthly learning and wellness allowance, paid for retreats and 5 other employee benefits and perks.

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True flexible work

Work whenever and wherever your work best, taking into account some overlap time every day to stay aligned as a team. You’re the expert in your domain. We trust you to solve challenges the way you feel is best. Count on the rest of the team to support you when you need, but never micromanage you.

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Flexible holiday policy

Take time off whenever you need to recharge or attend to other matters. The team will hold you accountable to taking a minimum amount of time off in any rolling 12-month window.


Monthly learning and wellness allowance

Buy books, pay for your yoga class or get a Calm subscription for greater mindfulness. We’ll cover whatever helps you develop as an individual and become the best you.


Life- and family-first

We are a life- and family-first company that seeks meaningful experiences outside of work and we endeavor to help our customers do the same.


Diverse team

You’ll be working with a diverse team from a range of countries and backgrounds. Making Cogsy an inclusive workplace is a top priority.


Healthcare benefits

Health insurance (powered by Safety Wing) tailored for remote team members, whether you're at home, traveling or being a nomad.

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Paid parental leave

Parental leave for those individuals that plan to discover the joys of having (more) children.

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Paid for retreats

Once global travel is open again, we'll do week-long team retreats in fun locations.




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Cogsy is hiring Principal Software Engineer (NodeJs / React / MongoDb).

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120k-150k USD

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