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PopSQL is a collaborative SQL editor and business intelligence app for teams.

PopSQL tech stack

GitHub, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Ruby on Rails, and Tailwind CSS are some of the popular tools that PopSQL uses. Learn more about the Development, Data Stores, and Languages & Frameworks in PopSQL's Tech Stack.

Data Stores

PopSQL is using the following data storage tools and software.


PopSQL is using the following development tools and software.

Languages & Frameworks

PopSQL is using the following programming tools and software.


PopSQL is using the following programming tools and software.

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Smart energy management in the cloud. Low cost, no touch, instant payback Gridium's core data platform automatically aggregates energy interval data, billing data, weather history data, and weather forecast data to power a rich set of analytic services.

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BookingSync is a cloud-based vacation rental system that serves as a friend to owners, managers, and agencies during each step of the vacation rental management process.

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SafeGraph is a data company. That's it - that's all we do.

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Helps organizations make smart decisions as they analyze the investments that will transform IT We offer a variety of IT enterprise solutions, including: Apptio IT Financial Management Foundation automates and accelerates IT planning and variance analysis, fostering greater accountability, increased plan accuracy, and the agility to free up budget to fund other initiatives.

Coursedog is building a next-generation Operating System for Higher Education.

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