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Jeff Pamonag


I am a Customer Experience Manager with experience in Customer Success.


What I'm looking for

I am actively looking for a job that I best fit; I handle daily operations in Customer Experience, Customer Success, Customer Service, Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Learning and Development, and Workforce Management - basically about daily operations management.

My job mainly revolves on three important keys:
Understanding and developing people and the overall workforce.
Strengthening and maintaining client relationship.
Meeting performance targets and going above and beyond.

Before I became an experienced account operations manager, I was once an agent who does task by task on a day-to-day routine basis until one remarkable supervisor left a mark in my head and told me one day she saw a gift in me. That this gift is a strength that I can potentially use to be an effective leader going up the ladder. And so I figured what this gift was: it was my unwaivering loyalty to anybody's skill, gift, and talent, that people don't even realize they have. When I got up the ladder, this became evident in my coaching style. I help people realize and maximize their potentials and talent helping them become successful through their own journey and no one else's.

As I gain more and more experiences as a manager, I also develop some essential skills that immensely helped influence when I make decisions.

You will find me relentlessly trying to learn more about account management, project management, training and development, customer experience, customer success, quality assurance analysis, and customer relationship management.


24-7 Intouch Inc logo2I

Operations Manager

24-7 Intouch Inc

Jul 2021 - Jan 2023 (1 year 6 months)

• Supports and coordinates the preparation of relevant departmental reports (CSAT/NPS/Finance/Performance Management), with the guidance of the Director, of Customer Service, analyzing data to identify issues and trends and improve processes, assisting in the development and implementation of solutions.

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