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Our screening tests identify the best candidates and make your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.

About TestGorilla

At TestGorilla, we envision a world where everyone has their dream job. To achieve that, employers and employees need to have the right information about each other. 

We started in 2020 by building a screening platform that enables employers to evaluate candidates in the skills that matter most for success in a role. Our product replaces subjective, incomplete, and often inflated CVs with objective, reliable, and fair test results that measure aptitude, practical job skills, culture add, and motivation. 

Improving and expanding this platform is our core focus at the moment, but it’s only the beginning of our journey to get everyone their dream job. Over time, we will launch more products that support this mission.

Recently, we procured a $10m in seed funding from investors like Notion Capital and Jeff Weiner (the ex-CEO of LinkedIn), and our growth is on target to continue exponentially. Chances are you’re familiar with some of our biggest customers, like the UK’s National Health Services, 3M, Sony, Boy Scouts of America, PepsiCo, Bain & Company, and Deloitte.

We work remotely, spread across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Benefits and perks

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Home office budget

Since you work remotely, we want to make sure you're comfortable. You can expense up to €1,000 on remote working expenses per year.

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Unlimited time off

Take as much time off as you want as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to do your work.

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Flexible working hours

We accommodate all kinds of lifestyles and life stages. Come work on your terms.


Learning and development budget

4% of base salary learning & development budget

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