Our mission is to inspire kids to love learning. We achieve this by linking learning to kids’ interests, connecting them with other classmates who share their passions, and giving them the autonomy to pick their own paths. Our small group classes meet over live video chat with teachers who celebrate their unique strengths and empower all learners to develop confidence and a strong sense of self.

About Outschool

Community marketplace of live online classes for kids.

Outschool is a marketplace of live online classes for kids. Our mission is to inspire kids to love learning. We provide small group classes that meet over live video chat where learners are connected with teachers and classmates who share their interests. These classes are offered through our marketplace and conducted on our remote learning platform.

Our Values

Stand with Learners

We believe all kids should be at the center of their learning. We listen to kids, respect them, and stand with them. We partner with kids, their families, and educators to unlock opportunities for all kids. We are curious and always want to be learning how we can better serve kids. We’ll seek new insights and inputs from all stakeholders in our community. In order to stand with learners, we all must be lifelong learners and nurture the kid inside.

Bring Others in Purposefully

We believe a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and voices allows us to make the best decisions. People feel a sense of belonging when they have a connection to the work, each other, and our mission. We trust that we can be ourselves and take risks when we bring others into our thinking. Clarity of expectations and context allows everyone to be more effective in their role in a given situation. Transparency of decisions, roles, and process is important for psychological safety and team effectiveness.

Own the Opportunity

We believe there is a unique opportunity for Outschool to win the online learning market. Our impact requires focus, accountability, and prioritization of opportunities. People do great things when they have clarity, support, and autonomy to deliver against realistic yet ambitious goals. We are all responsible for our individual roles in shaping the future of Outschool. This chapter of Outschool’s growth will require an owner mindset.

Debate, Decide, Deliver

We believe healthy, honest dialogue leads to clearer thinking. The best decisions are made by weighing the opportunity against data and new perspectives. Decisions should be clear, concise, and communicated – and not remixed without compelling evidence. A bias to act outweighs waiting for perfect data and signal. Once commitments are made, we will hold one another, and ourselves, accountable to results.

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