Seesaw is used in over 75% of schools in the U. S.

About Seesaw

Seesaw is used in over 75% of schools in the U.S. (and in 150 other countries!) by over 10M teachers, students, and family members. Your work at Seesaw will have broad reach and meaningful impact.

Seesaw is at the heart of the learning process for millions of students. Our platform encourages creativity, expression, and feedback that makes students excited to learn. We believe when students are truly engaged in learning, they find what lights them up, conquer the tough stuff, and open new doors. Now more than ever, remote learning solutions are essential. Seesaw enables meaningful learning from anywhere, for every student.

What’s more, Seesaw is showing that it’s possible to work on an important mission and build an exciting and long-term business. We are a profitable company - and we’re still growing quickly. All employees get equity in the company so you can share in our collective success.

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We're remote-friendly and accommodate all kinds of lifestyles and life stages. Come work on your terms.

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8 remote jobs at Seesaw

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Full Stack Software Engineer


Employee count: 51-200

Salary: 134k-160k USD

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United Kingdom only

Sales Development Representative - UK


Employee count: 51-200

Seesaw logoSE
United States only

Sales Development Representative


Employee count: 51-200

Seesaw logoSE

Software Engineer, Web Infrastructure


Employee count: 51-200

Salary: 134k-170k USD

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