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Senior Software Engineer, AI Products

We’re building an automation platform to enable organizations to drive transformation across business processes by unlocking unstructured data with deep learning.

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200k-220k USD

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At Instabase, we're passionate about democratizing access to cutting-edge AI innovation to enable any organization to solve previously unsolvable unstructured data problems in their industry. With customers representing some of the largest, and most complex institutions in the world, and investors like Greylock, Andressen Horowitz, and Index Ventures, our market opportunity is undeniable.

Instabase is a remote company rooted in flexibility. Employees can choose to work from one of our global offices in Menlo Park, New York, London, or Bangalore, fully remotely, or a mix of the two. At the center of our value proposition is our people, and we've built a fearlessly experimental, endlessly curious, customer focused team who together, are fundamentally changing how developers build and distribute intelligent business applications.

Instabase is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender perception or identity, national origin, age, marital status, protected veteran status, or disability status. Research shows that in order to apply for a job, women feel they need to meet 100% of the criteria while men usually apply after meeting about 60%. Regardless of how you identify, if you believe you can do the job and are a good match, we encourage you to apply.

Our Engineering Team architects the underlying operating system, core services, platform infrastructure, dev toolkits, core algorithms, machine learning models, packaged end-user apps, and app store marketplace. Instabase engineers are excited to solve hard problems for complex organizations and are self-starters from day one.

As a Software Engineer working on Instabase products, you’ll build intuitive applications that empower our customers to leverage the latest technologies in AI/ML to tackle their hardest document understanding problems. Our tools and platform shine when facing highly unstructured documents.

What you'll do:

  • Own the mission to advance Instabase’s document understanding capabilities through providing state-of-the-art machine learning tooling
  • Architect and build tools to enable end-users to use models and heuristics to solve their document understanding use cases, such as supporting fast and intuitive data annotation / labeling, understanding model accuracy, applying heuristics in a low-code manner for data cleaning or for solving extraction when there’s limited data available.
  • Develop a platform for customer developers to train and deploy their own machine learning models.
  • Build a simple, yet extensible platform for our customers to customize solutions to their specific use cases.
  • Incorporate the latest developments in ML/AI into intuitive UIs.

About you:

  • You are passionate about software engineering design, with a deep interest and experience in the latest developments in AI/ML.
  • You want to build user-facing product, and care deeply about user enablement.
  • You itch to ship features quickly into the hands of users and hear their feedback.
  • You love thinking about how your component fits into the broader system and can design with complex frameworks in mind.
For US-based roles: The base salary range for this role is $200,000 to $220,000 + bonus, equity, and US Benefits. The actual pay may vary based on factors such as location, experience, and skills.

Come help us build for the next stage of growth and scale -- accelerate your career with Instabase!

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July 21st, 2023

May 22nd, 2023

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200k-220k USD

To apply, you must have a permit to work in this country.
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About Instabase

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Defining the next phase of computing, starting with enterprise.

We’re building an automation platform to enable organizations to drive transformation across business processes by unlocking unstructured data with deep learning.

What does the next-gen automation platform look like?

Why are there at least a dozen apps available for getting food delivered to your home, but there isn't even an app store where a hospital, a university, or an insurance company can find an app to help them run their company? Today, companies are flooded by countless systems of record and data silos. With so many systems, the process of transforming data into operational value relies on manual processes that are costly and often inaccurate.

There’s a better way. And we’re building it.

Traditional systems aren’t designed to support the complex workflows needed to streamline operations. That’s why we’ve built Instabase, a software platform that consists of pluggable apps for enterprise companies to easily develop apps that automate their operational processes.

Our Path to Reinventing Computing.

In 2015, Anant Bhardwaj was an MIT computer science PhD student and he realized the pain it took to streamline document-heavy processes. This led him to ask the question, “Why isn’t there a system that helps people automate processes with more ease?” Frustrated with the lack of products to help automate processes, he set his sights to create a system and Instabase was born.

Building an automation platform from the ground up.

Today, Instabase is helping companies streamline and automate their most complex processes. Tomorrow, the platform will facilitate the development of entirely new processes.

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Healthcare benefits

Healthcare benefits

We marry the benefits of moving fast at a scaling startup with the stability of larger corporations. Instabase pays 100% of top tier employee medical, dental, vision plans and takes care of dependents. Instabase also offers an FSA company match.

Retirement benefits

Financial Planning

Instabase believes in investing in you and your future by providing a company 401(k) match and financial planning resources.

Fertility benefits

Fertility benefits

We’ve teamed up with Carrot Fertility to help support every Instabaser on their family forming journey.

Paid parental leave

Paid parental leave

Every Instabaser is eligible for paid time off to care for their newborn or adopted child.

View all employee benefits
View all employee benefits

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Dot Customer Engineer
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Dot Solutions Engineer
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200k-220k USD

Full Time
Dot Artificial Intelligence Developer

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