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Query, visualize, alert on, and understand your data no matter where it’s stored.

About Grafana Labs

Query, visualize, alert on, and understand your data no matter where it’s stored. With Grafana you can create, explore, and share all of your data through beautiful, flexible dashboards.

We work in a big tent where everyone is welcome. Come on in.

OK, it’s not an actual big tent, but it is one of our core philosophies.

We know that data has incredible power to solve complex problems, transform business, drive innovation, and ultimately make the world a better place. The unfortunate reality is that the data we need often lives all over the place in disparate systems across geos, platforms, servers, and more. It’s our mission as Grafanistas to unite data, no matter where it lives, and empower our users to analyze, take action, and make smart decisions.

Building a powerful product takes a village — from engineering to customer success to people operations and beyond. What’s your calling?

What we value

Shared values are foundational to culture. They empower us, as both individuals and teams, to have an impact and achieve our mission, because we’re aligned on what’s really important to us. We’ve established these guiding principles to drive independent thinking, thoughtful decision-making, and result-oriented action that stays true to our mission.

Share openly and default to transparency

We share anything and everything we can — some might even call us over-sharers, and we’re OK with that. We want to ensure that Grafanistas have all the context they need to make smart, informed decisions in their daily work.

Respectfully empowered

We encourage our team members to be autonomous — this is essential for a distributed team. Freedom and empowerment are built on respect for one’s commitments and colleagues. We default to action. We value team members who take the initiative to get things done, ask when they need help, and dive into the job with both feet.

OSS is in our DNA

We have a big tent philosophy. We work with competitors and value interoperability. Decisions at Grafana are made with the long-term health of the company in mind. We aren’t distracted by short-term gains. We understand that our commercial success as a company is linked to our users’ success with our software.

We keep our commitments

We care about the say/do ratio, and for all our math friends out there, we like to see a good 1:1 ratio here. We do what we promise for each other, customers, and users, and we are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. We dislike indecision: An imperfect or controversial decision is better than no decision. Debates are won with data and reason, not job titles.

Seek diverse perspectives

Each and every one of us prioritizes an open and inclusive culture at Grafana Labs, and we strive to bring diverse perspectives to the table to come up with the best ideas. We’re building a company where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay, and to do their best work. We believe this will create the best results: Diversity drives innovation, and that innovation drives our success.

Don’t let perfect get in the way of great

We should all aim to do our best, but if perfection is the goal, we’ll probably never produce anything. Instead, we determine requirements to make something great and work hard to hit them. What can be squeaked out as an MVP at 60%? What actually needs to be done closer to 90%? From there, we iterate. This requires more than talent to succeed; it requires grit and determination. We want to get a great product out to our customers now and continue to iterate on it with fresh ideas and innovation. We’re a startup; we’re far from perfect. Get super comfortable with things not being perfect, while continuing to hold high standards for yourself and the team.

Help each other thrive

Supporting each other, our users, and our customers is a priority and core part of what we do. We pitch in where needed and do what it takes to get things done, even if it isn’t necessarily our job to do so. We win together, as one global team.

Employee benefits

Learn about the employee benefits and perks provided at Grafana Labs.

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Grafana Shutdown Days

Grafana Labs offers additional shutdown days throughout the year for an extra breather, enhancing work-life balance.

Wellbeing Resource Group

Grafana Labs organizes sessions with fellow team members and external trainers to promote mindfulness and well-being.

Parental & Sick Leave

Grafana Labs provides parental leave and sick leave, supporting team members during important life events and personal health needs.

Tech Choice

Grafana Labs empowers employees to choose their own laptop and accessories required for the job, with a tech refresh every two years.

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