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Metrics & Insights for Modern Software Engineering Teams About AthenianAt Athenian we’re a team of kind-hearted, deeply curious, empathic individuals from all over the world.

Benefits at Athenian

Athenian provides fully remote company, transparent culture, learning and development and 1 other employee benefits and perks.


Transparent culture

We put a lot of value into collaboration and feedback, no matter if it comes from our CEO, a customer, Product or Engineering because we know that the best ideas can come from anywhere.

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Fully remote company

Athenian is a fully remote company. At the moment, we are 20+ people from several different countries working closely together in a fully-distributed way.


Learning and development

We are humane and care about each other's growth and wellbeing.

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Flexible working hours

Flexible hours, set your own schedule that fits you.

2 remote jobs at Athenian

Athenian is hiring Senior Sales Account Executive and Senior Software Engineer - Data Retrieval.

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61k-66k USD

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