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I have significant experience in Financial Services and looking to move into SaaS/Fintech sales.

United States

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People that are obsessed with success, will go out of their way to help each other succeed and the opportunity to make a lot of income through sales and stock options. I am looking for a long term commitment.

When I built up my book of business to $50m AUM in 3 years, I had nothing to go off of. I just moved to a new area in New York and had zero wealthy network.
As they say, if you need to cut down a tree, spend time sharpening your axe.
With a healthy bull market, It was a stressful time to be bringing on new clients (everyone was making money, right?)

Not to mention, I was:

-Performing military obligations 3-4x a month, weekdays and weekends
-Had my first child on the way
-Struggling to structure a process and way to find qualified prospects

It was utterly exhausting and had many sleepless nights.

So exhausting, I began questioning everything I had done up to this point.

Then, I let my imagination go, wandering and reflecting on what I could do or create to make this work and create a better life for myself and all around me.

The groundwork for the Affluensee Platform was laid.

I woke up with new prospects to contact and a process behind it, making it enjoyable to come in each and every day.

No more "chicken without a head" mentality
No more wasted time on unqualified prospects
No more sleepless nights and stress driven days

Instead, every process and decision was pushed through a lens.




Affluensee Inc.

Aug 2019 - Present (4 years 9 months)

I founded a company after discovering product market fit during my time as a Wealth Advisor. At this time, I wore many hats, sacrificed years, time and money for this company.

Merrill Lynch logoML

Wealth Advisor

Merrill Lynch

Mar 2015 - Mar 2019 (4 years)

As a Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager, I coordinate liquidity and cash management and commercial loan financing services for clients. I review financial statements to identify progress and correlate objectives as well as analyze tax minimization and financial strategies. I successfully partner with local startup incubators and train new entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem and technology app


Looking for a job


United States

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Salary expectations

85k-130k USD

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