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About us

Zest's engagement solution is transforming the employee experience by driving a high-performance workplace focused around teamwork.

With Zest, employees are empowered to succeed in their job, managers are enabled as stronger leaders, and HR Directors are equiped with one comphrensive employee engagement solution.

Be assured that once you’ve found top talent, they stay engaged, committed and performing at their best from day 1 to day 10,000.

About us

Zest was born from a realization that all companies waste the gold mine they lay upon - their employees.

For many businesses, the true value of their talents is unrecognized, and when this realization finally does come to light, it’s often too late.

Why is such a strong focus put on the happiness of your customers, but so little on your employees? Many HR solutions focus on yearly surveys or performance appraisals, causing more frustration than fulfilment. Up until now, the digital revolution has had a small effect on this front, despite the millions invested.

Knowing your people, what drives them, how to streamline efficiency and free their energy is more important than how well you know your customers or investors.In such a competitive landscape, it’s a strategic (and common-sense!) approach to business to build your success upon the value of your people.

With vast experience of the HR software industry, Zest’s founders embarked on creating a new vision of Talent Management, one based on a real-time, people-centric, and (even more importantly) team-centric approach by design.

Teams are the key to your success. Whilst many HR solutions are made for the individual or for the organization, Zest is made for teams. High performing teams and individual fulfilment pave your journey to success, and Zest is your playground in achieving it.

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