Sendoso is on a mission to create more human relationships in a digital world and help companies start sending, start connecting, and start driving revenue.

About Sendoso

Sendoso is on a mission to create more human relationships in a digital world and help companies start sending, start connecting, and start driving revenue. Founded in 2016, our award-winning Sending Platform is a Series C company with more than 800 customers.

Our Core Values

One Team: Everyone belongs here, and whether it’s your first day or you’re the CEO, your voice and ideas matter to us. By embracing the “One Team” core value, we can harness the power of collaboration to drive innovation, overcome challenges, and achieve outstanding results.

Fuel Potential: Providing individuals with the necessary tools, resources, and support to enable their success and uplift their potential. We empower our team and lift them to higher levels of achievement, both personal and professional.

Real Connections: It’s a cluttered, digital world out there, but our connections are real. Personal connections matter, and we want to build real connections with our peers and customers.

Unboxed Thinking: We encourage our team to think creatively and approach challenges from fresh perspectives. We believe that by encouraging and supporting diverse ideas, we can uncover innovative/groundbreaking solutions and deliver an exceptional product and experience.

Customer Centric: We understand that our success depends on our customers’ success, and we are dedicated to giving every customer that wow moment at every touchpoint. At the end of the day, our customers’ satisfaction and happiness are our ultimate measures of success.

We Believe Relationships Matter—Because People Matter

And we embrace people of every race, gender, social class, age, religion, identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, or any other aspect that makes us unique. We loudly affirm that our team members are safe at work from discrimination and hate. Our Sendoso Diversity Council meets once a month to foster dialogue, report on disparities and achievements, and provide recommendations for making Sendoso an inclusive space that celebrates diversity in all forms. It is our pledge to create more initiatives that work toward achieving equity and enhancing diversity. We are listening, we are learning, and we are taking action to build a better world for everyone, together. Thank you for joining us in this cause.

Employee benefits

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EAP Access

Employees have access to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) for a variety of support services.

Team Outings

Sendoso organizes team outings to foster camaraderie and a strong company culture among team members.

401(k) Contributions

Sendoso provides a 401(k) plan to support employees' long-term financial security and retirement planning.

FSA Benefits

Sendoso offers a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plan to help employees cover out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

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