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About us provides a Saas solution for website & social media archiving to meet regulatory requirements, litigation preparedness and competitive intelligence.

PageFreezer provides recurring subscription plans based on the size of the website or social media account and the snapshot frequency.

Web archives can be accurately replayed and full text searched.

PageFreezer has over 1200 customers in regulation and litigation intensive markets like Financial Services, Healthcare, Government and Fortune 500.

Want to Join Pagefreezer?

We look to our six core values to define what it means to work at Pagefreezer and to protect the culture we hold dear. We use these values on a daily basis—to hire, review performance and results, give feedback, collaborate, and assess how we’re scaling as a business.

  • Make it Personal: We treat colleagues, customers and collaborators as individuals, with integrity and care, always taking extra steps to make these relationships authentic.
  • Improve Continuously: We pursue learning and growth while incrementally iterating – personally and professionally.
  • Speak your Mind: We spend just as much time listening as talking, invite multiple perspectives, and build trust and respect through honest, transparent, and direct communication.
  • Create Balance Everywhere: We are flexible, aim for middle ground, and never forget to have fun.
  • Win & Lose as a Team: We strive, struggle, and succeed as a team to create added value while leaving egos at the door regardless of location, role, department, or seniority.
  • And Make it Happen: We are proactive, empowered, and accountable as leaders to innovate solutions we’re proud of.

Find Your Fit

If our six values resonate with you, why not see if there’s an opportunity to hop on board? We’re looking to fill key roles with the best talent on the market. Browse our roles and discover where you can make an impact.

We'll keep you updated when the best new remote jobs pop up.

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