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    Bear Flag Robotics logo
    5 jobs available


    Icons/design/feather/2 layers

    27 tech stacks


    2 benefits

    We are changing the agricultural world with autonomy at Bear Flag Robotics. Our team is building a fleet of autonomous tractors and we’re looking for a Senior Backend Engineer. We need support with the robotics software life cycle. From data modeling to designing scalable APIs, and all the awesome challenges in between. Bear Flag is still an early-stage company, so this is a great time to join a really dynamic and engaging team.

    Arcade Labs logo
    2 jobs available


    Icons/design/feather/2 layers

    17 tech stacks


    1 benefit

    We're a tiny design agency and product studio. We design for startups and build our own. We work remote and collaborate async with clients around the world. We believe being creative generalists is our super power, working across disciplines and moving fast. We use design to scale meaningful companies that then fund our own projects and potential companies. Arcade Labs is a lab for experimentation, failure, and exploring the future.

    Machinio logo
    0 jobs available


    Icons/design/feather/2 layers

    21 tech stacks


    6 benefits

    Machinio is a global search engine for finding used machinery and equipment. Our comprehensive database contains more active machinery listings than any other website. is our new all-in-one business software solution providing website creation/hosting, CRM, and email marketing all under the same roof! Over 650,000 interested machinery buyers from 190 countries visit each month, making us the #1 online resource for finding machinery.

    Xometry logo
    0 jobs available


    Icons/design/feather/2 layers

    47 tech stacks


    8 benefits

    Xometry is your one-stop-shop for manufacturing on demand. Xometry brings together manufacturing and technology to provide 24/7 access to instant pricing, expected lead time, and manufacturability feedback on custom parts for engineers and designers across the U.S. Xometry’s online quoting portal and a nationwide network of hundreds of partner manufacturing facilities guarantees consistently fast lead times while offering a broad array of capabilities, including CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, and Casting.

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