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Engage is a neutral software and service supplier to end-hirers, recruitment agencies, and payroll companies.

The proprietary cloud-based software delivers efficiencies not previously possible in recruitment. Coordinating all parties in the supply chain, it reduces cost, improves compliance, and eliminates duplicated administration for all parties. 

For recruitment agencies, Engage Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Replaces manual finance, payroll, and compliance operations with a seamless software function.
  • Provides pay & bill, timesheet management, compliance documentation, credit control, and management reporting in a single integrated platform.
  • Replaces current pay & bill, CRM software licensing, hardware, and ancillary office costs.
Providing the Engage Vendor Management System (VMS) to end-hirer client accounts allows agencies to defend them against competing agency offers. It places both agency and their client on the same operating platform and there is no charge to end-hirer.

For end hirers, Engage VMS provides clarity and live reporting over all their temporary workers whether hired directly or through supplying agencies, with no business disruption or capital expenditure. Engage provides visibility of volumes of agency staff contracted, by site location, hiring manager, agency - together with applicable commercial terms and purchase order references.

For umbrella payrolls and contractor accountants, Engage

  • Reinvigorates the underlying business model; under ever-tightening legislation Engage provides ongoing compliance, legal counsel, and product adaptation.  
  • Provides an immediate step-up in payroll technology and service levels while simultaneously eliminating back-office functions and overheads.

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