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About us

Shield GEO is an employer of record solution enabling companies to employ and payroll staff in over 90 countries.

As a Global Employment Organisation (GEO), Shield GEO acts as the Employer of Record, by providing outsourced employment and payroll services to companies who have staff in a country where they are unable to employ them directly.

What is an Employer of Record?

Shield GEO holds all the necessary licenses, insurances and registrations to employ and payroll staff on behalf of foreign companies. This allows customers to deploy staff quickly, legally and at a reasonable cost. Shield GEO handles all aspects of local employment, compliance and payroll. 

What are our core services?

  1. Payroll and Income Tax:  All aspects of in country payroll are administered on behalf of the client, including tax and social security deductions. Shield GEO handles all communication and reporting to official bodies.
  2. Work Permits and Immigration:  Shield GEO sponsors work visas as required for client employees and their dependents.
  3. Local Employment Compliance:  Shield GEO operates as the Employer of Record and assumes the legal responsibility for the workers in the host country. The employment is structured to meet all host country requirements for statutory entitlements including termination, probation, leave and benefits.

How can you benefit?

Because Shield GEO takes responsibility for most administrative and legal functions, there are three main advantages for the client:
  • Reduced cost for expanding into a market
  • Increased speed of deployment 
  • Avoiding the pitfalls and surprises of a new foreign location

Is Shield GEO right for you?

Shield GEO is fast becoming the preferred Employer of Record with a global network of local partners in over 90 countries.  To find out if a GEO is right for your company, contact our Global Employment Specialist, Duncan Macintosh – [email protected] for a confidential and obligation free chat.
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