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Degreed is the upskilling platform that connects learning to opportunities. We integrate everything people use to learn and build their careers — skill insights, LMSs, courses, videos, articles, and projects — and match everyone to growth opportunities that fit their unique skills, roles, and goals.

In 2012, co-founders David Blake and Eric Sharp started Degreed with the mission to 'Jailbreak the Degree.' Inspired by JFK's Rice University speech, they set out to take on a big, audacious goal – not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Since then, we've grown to millions of users worldwide who believe there is no single path to expertise.

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Paid parental leave

Degreed offers unlimited maternity/paternity leave as long as the employee commits to staying with the company double the amount of time they take off.


Wellness benefits

$70 to spend each month on whatever makes you feel good whether it's the gym, yoga, meditation classes, or something in between.

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Stock options

Every employee gets equity, so you are rewarded for your best work.

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Employee assistance program (EAP)

We offer an employee assistance program focused on mental health.

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Thinkific makes it easy for thousands of independent experts and companies to quickly create and deliver stunning online courses on their own sites.

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Maven is building the university of the future - one that opens access to instructors and students across the world.

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Fit reading into your life.Where do the world’s smartest people get their ideas?

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Founded in 1999, Interfolio is an education technology company based in Washington, DC that offers the first holistic Faculty Information System to support the full lifecycle of faculty work—from hiring to annual review, service, reporting, scholarly data collection and validation, and more.

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Welcome! We’re so happy you found us. Since you’ve come this far, we’d love to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.Our story starts in 2006 with three founders in a Sydney garage (no, we’re not kidding).

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At RabbitHole, we're building the on-chain resume for the future of work in crypto.

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