Brilliant’s mission is to inspire and develop people to achieve their goals in STEM – one person, one question, and one small commitment to learning at a time.


Brilliant’s mission is to inspire and develop people to achieve their goals in STEM – one person, one question, and one small commitment to learning at a time. We enable great teachers to illuminate the soul of math, science, and engineering through bite-sized, interactive learning experiences. Our courses explore the laws that shape our world, and elevate math and science from something to be feared to a delightful experience of guided discovery. We aim to cultivate a world of better learners, thinkers, and problem solvers.

We're proud of our mission and the business we've built around it. We work hard, and most days we love our jobs. Every person has a huge impact on Brilliant and its direction.

A global team anchored in San Francisco

50+ and growing, we work primarily in SF, with teammates in 10 states and 5 countries. We have happy hour once a week, and monthly team events.

Dedicated to changing STEM learning

We care deeply about elevating math and science learning from something to be feared to something that is motivating, inspiring and supportive.

High impact, low ego

We are fiercely protective of our culture, which values community, adventure, kindness, candor, and a perpetual desire for knowledge.

Our vibe is more like this:

  • Be surrounded by people who dance to their own beat.

  • Propose answers, and assert what you think the best outcome would look like.

  • Grow in a relatively autonomous way – no one will tell you what to do or how to do it.

  • Work in an environment that, at times, burns the late night oil (but also takes plenty of vacation).

  • Be adventurous. The work may change every 6 months, but it will rarely be dull.

  • Enjoy freedom and mobility to move laterally to grow into domains you're interested in.

  • Be surrounded by long-term people who are committed to our specific mission.

...and less like this:

  • Be surrounded by model citizens who prize degrees and accolades.

  • Have a very hands-on manager who has all the answers.

  • Have clearly-defined project goals and standards for success.

  • Work in an environment where people strictly keep their 9-5 schedules

  • Methodically grow your career and portfolio without assuming undue risk.

  • Enjoy our vast library of corporate training resources.

  • Command respect by wearing the Gooblesoft uniform – everyone knows Gooblesoft!

What kinds of people work at Brilliant?

People at Brilliant typically share a strong sense of mission, desire for autonomy and ownership over a domain, and a strong generalist skillset within a domain or across domains.

People here are passionate about their (often wonkish) hobbies, delight in unique creative portfolios, or have worked in some way to elevate educational outcomes.

As a team, we embrace diversity – of educational backgrounds, economic backgrounds, race, gender, sexual orientation, and many other categories too numerous to name.

Individuals at Brilliant have:

  • Consulted as a scientist for the TV shows CSI and Bones

  • Worked as a professional electrician

  • Won a global cryptography competition

  • Built VR games

  • Motorcycled across the country

  • Published cutting-edge molecular biology research at SRI

  • Dropped out of college

  • Built interactive, 3D Viking ship models in Norway

  • Created art for Cards Against Humanity and Broad City

  • Flown helicopters

  • Started a high school … while in high school

  • and more…

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