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September 28th, 2020

Gotta go fast

Gotta go fast

Faster load times

Over the past week we made significant updates to our load times. The most notable change is that we now cache search results. This makes it faster to search for jobs, which means less time looking at skeleton components and more time finding your next remote job. 

Better search suggestions

We now bold the text that matches your query and provide typeahead search suggestions for remote companies in our company search. This means you can now search by market, company name, or free text. 

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved timezone preference section of individual job posts
  • Fixed issue where timestamps on job posts appeared as NaN on Safari
  • Fixed issue where company market pages linked to 404s in breadcrumbs
  • Fixed issue where + and - caused search to break
  • Fixed issue where multiple meta descriptions were available
  • Fixed issue causing structured data on jobs pages to be unparseable
September 21st, 2020

Search search baby

Search search baby

Faster, better designed search

We sped up our search suggestions making it faster than ever to find jobs that are relevant to you. We’ve also added your current text as a result underneath the main search and suggestions now highlight the part that matches your query. 

Additionally, job category now have their own icons, making it even easier to see which suggestions fit your criteria. Each job category badge now has its own color, another simple way for you to quickly delineate between different jobs.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated changelog open graph image
  • Fixed issue where period would cause open graph images to not render properly
  • Fixed issue where Euclid font was not rendering on mobile devices
  • Badge text now overflows vertically rather than horizontally  
September 14th, 2020

Sorry! No results found.

Sorry! No results found.

Empty states matter

There’s nothing worse than not finding what you’re looking for. That’s why we spent last week designing and building an easy-to-understand empty state for our search. Ideally, you’ll never see this screen but if you do, we want it to be a nice experience. We hope you like it.

Dynamic rendering

We’ve implemented dynamic rendering to help get jobs in front of more eyeballs. It’s still difficult for search engines to process JavaScript, some aren’t able to process it successfully or immediately. This means pages can take longer to rank or not rank at all.

Dynamic rendering means we switch between client-side rendered for you and pre-rendered content for search engines. Whenever we receive a request, we look at the user agent to determine if it’s coming from a search engine or a regular user:
  • If the request is coming from a search engine, the response is proxied through a headless browser that pre-renders it.
  • If the request is coming from a regular user like you, the response is rendered client-side.

Support for Google Jobs

To make it easier for job seekers to discover jobs posted on Himalayas, we’ve added structure data to all job posts. This means our jobs can appear in Google Search, improving discoverability for job posters.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed search to deprioritize companies with no jobs
  • To support longer job titles search results now stack vertically on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where Chatwoot would not display properly on mobile
  • Improved readability of badges in filter panel by increasing font size from 12px —> 14px and padding-left and padding-right from 10px —> 12px 
  • Fixed issue where dot points in job posts running over two lines were not respecting indentation
  • Fixed issue where Sydney timezone was displaying as 10.0 rather than (UTC 10.00): Sydney
September 5th, 2020

Is this thing on?

Is this thing on?

Find your next remote job with Himalayas

We're live! You can now search for jobs on Himalayas. This is our first release and we're super excited to show you what we've built and where we're going next.

Our search lets you find jobs by keywords, timezone, job categories, salary, type of work, and company. The plan is to continue tinkering with our search and improve it based on your feedback. You can give us feedback by clicking "Feedback" in the top nav or by starting a chat with us.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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