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Achmad Qomarudin


I'm a UI/UX designer based in Indonesia. I solve complex problems and enhance life through design.


What I'm looking for

I want to start working toward my long-term future. This is why I'm keen to pursue a job as a UI/UX Designer. I feel I'm equipped and ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

I've put my skills to use in several different ways and been exposed to a variety of problem forms. I think I'm at a place where I'm ready to take a step forward professionally and enter a more senior position.

Hi, I am a UI/UX Designer with 3+ years of industry experience in building a design system for any product (Mobile App, Landing Page, Website & Dashboard).

In my role, I have strong knowledge of user experience methods, visual design, innovation, creativity, storytelling, prototyping, concept visualization, user testing, and presentation. I also support the developers through the launch process.

What I do:

• Mobile App Design
• Landing Page Design
• Website Design
• Dashboard Design



UI/UX Designer

Dosage Flow

Jun 2021 - Dec 2023 (2 years 6 months)

- Industry experience in building a design system for any product (Mobile App, Landing Page, Website & Dashboard).
- Redesign and Optimize design.
- Experience in categories of Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Computers & Electronics, Government, Real Estate & Construction, Travel & Hospitality, Professional Services, Telecommunications, and others.


UI/UX Designer & Mobile Developer

Wiratek Solusi Asia

Feb 2020 - Feb 2021 (11 months)

- Create a user interface (UI) from design to XML that will be used for all products on the mobile platform.
- Create new architecture for Market Place App by implementing Clean Architecture with MVP Pattern.
- Implement Payment Midtrans (Indonesian Payment Gateway) to manage all payments and transfer funds.

Tech stack

Learn about the tools and technologies that Achmad likes to use.

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